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Fleurage – Part Two

France and perfume just go to together – well, at least in my mind they do! Grasse, in the south of France, is famous in the world of perfume and almost all of the great fragrances are French. I say almost because today I have a new favourite fragrance and although it was crafted in […]

In-flight style

How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Sometimes I marvel at the fact that we ever even made it to France. At the time we booked our very first trip we’d barely flown anywhere, we were anything but savvy travellers and Scott had a pretty large fear of flying. But somehow we managed the 24 hour flight relatively well… We’ve come a […]

How To Choose Your French Accommodation

When choosing accommodation in France, it seems to me that most travellers go with one of two main choices. They either a opt for a hotel or stay in an apartment. Now let’s be clear. I’d stay in a tent if it meant I was in France (Scott will raise his eyebrows at this. It’s […]

Things That Have Changed Since We First Travelled To France

This year’s supply of Paris Metro tickets arrived at our house on Friday night and naturally, I was very excited. It’s a great service – I only placed the order last Sunday! The tickets being delivered really got me thinking about how quickly have changed since the first time we travelled to France – mostly […]

Sending Love

Regular readers of Distant Francophile will know that I spend a fair amount of time looking for similarities between Australia and France. Well today, I’m deeply saddened by one of those similarities. The tragic shootings in Sydney’s Lindt Cafe and the horror of what’s happened at Paris’s Charlie Hebdo is one connection I just didn’t […]

All The Best For A Fabulous 2015

I’m not much of a goal setter, but I do love the fresh feeling of anticipation that comes with the new year. Anything seems possible on the first day of the year. Personally,  I’m looking forward to a year full of French fun both here in Australia and abroad. It’s started off nicely – French […]

More Fabulous Than France

    Wishing all of Distant Francophile’s readers a Christmas that is more fabulous France – which would, of course, make it very fabulous, at least from our perspective! We really want thank all of you for your support of Distant Francophile during the year. We love sharing all the French things that come into […]

Distant Francophile Teams Up With My French Life

Anyone who enjoys reading Distant Francophile probably keeps an eye out for other sources of French inspiration. As such, you might already be aware of one of my personal favourites – the online magazine My French Life. I’ve been an avid reader for a very long time. Judy and her team of contributors do an […]

Packing For Paris In Winter

Since I shared the fact that I love visiting Paris in winter, I’ve had a stack of questions regarding what stylish bits and pieces you might pack for a visit to Paris when the weather is cooler and the days are shorter. To be perfectly honest, I find it way easier to pack for a […]

Paris dreaming

You Are Never Too Old To Visit France For The First Time

I mentioned last week that I first travelled to France as an adult. I’d wanted to visit the country for what seemed like forever and I took the first opportunity – which came in my mid thirties – to get myself (and my husband and son) there. Friends who had already visited were concerned that […]

Gifts for francophiles

3 Reasons I Love Christmas Shopping In France

As a rule, I love the lead up to Christmas, and this year is no exception. Yesterday, we selected and decorated the tree and we are now enjoying the gorgeous, once a year smell of fresh pine. I’ve also started planning the menu – I am always happy leafing through cookbooks, searching for the perfect […]

A French Classic

A miracle occurred this week. In the scheme of miracles, I guess you’d have to say it was a (very) minor miracle, but I’m definitely calling it a miracle.

First visit to Paris Distant Francophile

Does France Have The Power To Change You?

  Over the weekend, I suggested that a Parisian dawn has the power to change you.  And I believe that to be true. But let’s face facts here. Spending any time at all, anywhere in France, has the potential to change you.

Paris At Dawn

  A whole lot of different ways to think about France, and specifically Paris, have been jumping out at me lately. They are mainly coming from books, but of course, they are also coming from the on-line world too. Quotes. Comments. Questions. And I feel like I really need to dig deeper into some of […]

Favourite stores in Paris


The French love lingerie. This fact, I know, does not constitute news. Reams have been written on the topic. Brands. Styles. Amounts spent. They all attract interest. But I have to admit being surprised (and amused) when we came across a men’s lingerie store in Lyon.

Fragrance Du Bois

  I love it when I stumble on something unexpected when I’m travelling. My big find during our recent trip to Singapore came as I was hunting down a cool drink in the Fullerton Hotel. And it came in the form of a French perfumery – Fragrance Du Bois.

So Hard To Choose

  I work with a lovely young lady who is marrying her sweetheart next year. And, in what I consider to be an excellent decision, they are honeymooning in France.

How To Be Parisian – A Book Review

  Last week, I promised that I would review the recently published ‘How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are – Love, Style and Bad Habits’. And today, I’ve finally got around to doing so. Now, before you continue reading, I should warn you that this hasn’t ended up being a ‘real’ review – it’s more […]

Why planning for France is so important

Half The Fun

  I’m starting to get a bit excited. We are looking at travelling back to France next year, and it’s only a few short weeks now until the early bird flights become available.  And once the flights are booked, the planning can really commence.

If We Were In Paris Today

Seriously, there are so (SO!) many things I should be doing right now. But instead I am daydreaming about Paris (again). And I wonder why I never get anything done!