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Why planning for France is so important

Half The Fun

  I’m starting to get a bit excited. We are looking at travelling back to France next year, and it’s only a few short weeks now until the early bird flights become available.  And once the flights are booked, the planning can really commence.


I love finding unique gifts for family and friends. And I love it even more when the entire shopping experience is just plain fun!

And I Have To Recommend … The Palace Of Versailles

Following on from my previous recommendation on the Musée Rodin, I can’t not mention Versailles.  I know it is highlighted in every travel guide ever written, but there is good reason for that! The whole place is spectacular. The Palace itself, the grounds, the fountains, the history – every little piece! I don’t feel the […]

M. Chapoutier

Finding my favourite chocolate on the weekend got me thinking about Tain-l’Hermitage. And in thinking about Tain, I realised that there were still highlights from the region that I was yet to share with you all. And one of those highlights was our visit to the cellar door of M. Chapoutier.

Signature style Stylish Travel Essentials

Blending In

  When we return from a trip, it is inevitable that we will get questions. And I guess it is also inevitable that these questions will revolve around a couple of common topics. As a result I can virtually guarantee that we will always get questions about two things – accommodation and packing.

Smiling with Serge in the Jardin du Palais Royal

We head back to France soon, and one place I am very keen to revisit is the gorgeous Serge Lutens boutique – Les Salons du Palais Royal. Situated in Paris’ Jardin du Palais Royal, the space is small but spectacular and provided one of the ‘retail highlights’ of our last trip. The store is unlike […]