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View from one of our favourite Parisian hotels

Four Parisian Hotels We Are Happy To Recommend

Start a conversation about Parisian arrondissements, as we did on Distant Francophile last week, and inevitably you will end discussing Parisian hotels. Given our love of Parisian apartments, you are probably not surprised to learn that we’ve not stayed in too many hotels in Paris. And truth be told, recommending a hotel can be as […]

French Short Stay Apartment

More Reasons To Visit Saint-Rémy-De-Provence

What is it about Provence that makes it so compelling? It could be the views. The light. The art. The warmth. It may very well be the rosé. Regardless, everyone who travels there falls head-over-heels in love with the place. And if you want to get a taste of the best Provence has on offer, […]

How To Choose Your French Accommodation

When choosing accommodation in France, it seems to me that most travellers go with one of two main choices. They either a opt for a hotel or stay in an apartment. Now let’s be clear. I’d stay in a tent if it meant I was in France (Scott will raise his eyebrows at this. It’s […]