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Best restaurants in Strasbourg

Five Of The Best Restaurants In Strasbourg

There is so much to enjoy about Strasbourg. The history. The architecture. The sheer beauty of the place. And you can’t help but enjoy the food. Given the location and the history of Strasbourg, it won’t come as a surprise that the cuisine of the area applies French finesse to some German classics. This cultural […]

Our Top Five Things To Do In Strasbourg

It was inevitable that one day Scott and I would spend time in Strasbourg. You see, Scott loves Germany almost as much as I love France so, given Strasbourg’s history, this very French city which is full of German flavour is almost the perfect destination for us. While we were confident that we would enjoy […]

Gifts for francophiles

3 Reasons I Love Christmas Shopping In France

As a rule, I love the lead up to Christmas, and this year is no exception. Yesterday, we selected and decorated the tree and we are now enjoying the gorgeous, once a year smell of fresh pine. I’ve also started planning the menu – I am always happy leafing through cookbooks, searching for the perfect […]