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Parisian dining

Parisian Dining – Five Tips For Stretching Your Travel Dollar Further

  Our son is travelling with a friend to Paris very soon. Both of these young gentlemen have been working hard to squirrel away funds for their trip. But given our son has just completed the fourth and final year of his university degree and his friend will be continuing his studies next year, the […]

If We Were In Paris Today

Seriously, there are so (SO!) many things I should be doing right now. But instead I am daydreaming about Paris (again). And I wonder why I never get anything done!

Exploring France – Part One

We’ve just spent an amazing couple of days exploring parts of France we’ve always wanted to visit.  On Friday, we jumped on a train and travelled to Dijon.


A Secret About Me

Ok, keep reading to learn something about me that not many people know.