Things That Have Changed Since We First Travelled To France


This year’s supply of Paris Metro tickets arrived at our house on Friday night and naturally, I was very excited. It’s a great service – I only placed the order last Sunday! The tickets being delivered really got me thinking about how quickly have changed since the first time we travelled to France – mostly thanks to technology. The first time I purchased a Metro tickets on line, you could not get them delivered to Australia. I had to have them delivered to my close friend in London who kindly sent them on for me.

So what else has changed?

Well, making restaurant bookings from Australia used to be a real challenge both due to time differences and my dreadful French. Thankfully, on line booking systems have virtually solved all my issues here. Whilst many French restaurants seemed a little slow to tap into the new technology, I was excited to discover that following a number of website upgrades, I can book just about all of my favourite Parisian restaurants easily and in advance.

The advent of various mobile apps has also changed the way we travel. Apps like Evernote and Tripit help you track itineraries and keep your travel information in one safe place. Whilst we still take some paperwork with us, we certainly no longer have to carry the stack of papers we used to.

And, of course, sites like and Trip Advisor have completely changed the way we choose accommodation. In fact, we’ve not used a travel agent to book either flights or accommodation since our very first trip. And I’m forever hunting for travel tips from fellow travellers on blogs and other review sites.

To my mind, technology has definitely made the world easier to travel…and that can only be a good thing.

Your turn now. Do you have any technology based travel tips you’d like to share?

Until next time – au revoir.

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