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Frenchify Your Friday

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 65

Last Friday, while we were in the French city of Annecy, Scott and I were clever enough to stop into a local bar for l’apéro. The air was cool but the sun was still shining and the tables on the terrace were almost completely full. The vibe was happy and buzzy (as Scotty described it). […]

Learn about French wine

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 64

One of the things that Scott and I love about visiting France is being introduced to new wines. More through good luck than via specific design, our travels over the years have seen us experience the tastes of Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Rhone-Valley, Sancerre and Champagne. And we’re heading to Bordeaux next month. You probably don’t […]

Frenchify Your Friday - Dogs

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 63

Welcome to a fresh, new Frenchify Your Friday. Speaking of fresh and new, here in Melbourne the very first signs of spring are starting to peek out from behind the covers of a long, cold winter. Every now and then we have a warmer day. Spring bulbs are starting to pop up. And it is […]

Marché Anvers is one of my top 10 people watching spots in Paris. Check out the other nine at

Frenchify Your Friday Favourites

I simply adore French markets. Whether I’m in Paris, or a long way off the beaten track, checking out the local market is an absolute must for me. The first French market we ever experienced was at Anvers in Paris. The apartment we were staying in overlooked the market square and we were fascinated as […]

How to wear scarves

Frenchify Your Friday Favourites

  Frenchify Your Friday this week by throwing your favourite scarf around your neck. Regardless of the season, by adding a scarf you are also adding a big dose of French style to both your outfit and your day. And this week’s Frenchify Your Friday idea couldn’t be any more simple – scarves are super […]


Frenchify Your Friday Favourites

Super busy is the best description of the Distant Francophile team at the moment. New jobs, stacks of work travel and fresh projects are the order of the day. Given this, for the next few weeks, we’ll be dipping into the archives for ideas on how to bring a splash of French fun to your […]

Beautiful skin

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 63

Recently on Distant Francophile we discussed French grooming tips for your skin. In case you missed it, the key advice included always removing your make-up and to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! No one could argue that French people don’t have beautiful skin, so to Frenchify your Friday this week, I’m suggesting we should all do something […]

Day off

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 62

The French are lucky enough to be blessed with a truckload of what we in Australia call ‘Public Holidays’. In some parts of the world they are known as Bank Holidays or National Days. But regardless of what they are named, what they equate to is a State sanctioned day off. And an opportunity for a […]

French Liqueur

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 61

When it comes to French inspiration, the Melbourne suburb we live in is really rather lacking. We have the usual discount stores offering French styled ‘tat’, (as my dear friend Suz would say) and a bakery or two that offer a croissant. But, disappointingly for me, not much else. One place that I can find […]

Bastille Day

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 60

Happy Bastille Day Everyone. July the 14th sees the French celebrating their national day. Some French will join the crowds that descend on Paris to see the parades and the fly overs, which deliver jet streams in shades of blue, white and red. Others will use the holiday to escape with family and friends. French […]

French pâtisserie treat

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 59

You don’t need me to tell you that you can find some of the best sweet treats on the planet in a French pâtisserie. Small, exquisitely crafted and absolutely delicious, enjoying a cake or pastry created by someone who knows what they are doing is almost the ideal way to Frenchify your Friday. This is […]

Colourful French style

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 58

Previously on Distant Francophile….we’ve discussed the Parisian adoration of wearing black. People watch for any length of time and you will definitely see a lot of black. When you are in Paris black is favoured shade for coats, tops, boots, jeans and just about every other item of clothing you can name! But watch for […]

Beyond Paris

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 57

It is time to Frenchify Your Friday, and we have Distant Francophile reader Anita to thank for this week’s idea. You see, it was Anita who, via a comment in response to our Managing Your Withdrawal Symptoms After A Visit To France post, reminded me of Google Street View. Here’s how Anita articulated the idea: […]

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 56

I was reading an article earlier in the week regarding some of the differences between the French culture and other cultures. It was a well researched piece, full of interesting facts and figures. One difference jumped out at me. According to the writer, the French don’t eat out as often as some of the rest […]

Parisian gardens

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 55

To Frenchify Your Friday this week, we are recommending you spend a little time in a park. Or a garden. Either will do the trick. The French love their parks and gardens. This sentence is unsurprising on so many levels. Firstly, public French outdoor spaces are simply gorgeous. Secondly, and probably more importantly, with French […]

Chocolat chaud

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 54

Winter has hit Melbourne in a big way over the last couple of weeks. We’ve had rain, fog and some decidedly chilly temperatures. The minute this sort of weather arrives, my mind immediately turns to things like cashmere scarves, open fires and that most Parisian of treats, hot chocolate. Now judging by the sheer number […]

Frenchify your Friday By Reading Something French

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 53

Last week’s Frenchify Your Friday anniversary was an excellent opportunity for me reacquaint myself with the French Friday topics I’d written about over the year. That also meant that I had a chance to consider the topics that I’ve missed – and I’ve got to tell you that there were a few surprises on that […]

French inspiration

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 52

I’m writing this week’s Frenchify Your Friday post with a big smile on my face. Once I hit publish on this piece, we will have shared a years worth of French Friday ideas! And that makes me smile because I remember discussing the whole Frenchify Your Friday concept with Scott twelve months ago. At the […]

Joel Robuchon Petit Fours

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 51

Welcome to the latest instalment of Frenchify Your Friday. And, if you are a regular reader, you may not be surprised to learn that this week’s idea involves sugar. It seems that you can bring a whole lot of French inspiration to your day with just a touch of the sweet stuff. If you are […]


Frenchify Your Friday – Number 50

If you’ve ever travelled to Paris, one thing you would have almost certainly have noticed noticed is the absolute abundance of florists. There seems to be one on almost every corner. I just adore the displays at the French florists. Bucket brimming with the freshest blooms spill out onto the footpaths, delighting passers-by with a […]