The Franco-Files

If You Are A Francophile, This Interview Series Is Made For You.

Welcome to the Franco-Files.

For the first time ever, I’ve asked my fellow francophiles to share their stories with me. Some of my guests are regular visitors to France, others have bought property in France and still others have packed up and moved there. All of them have super interesting stories – and we’ll be digging into where and when they fell in love with France and I’ll be encouraging them to spill the beans on their French favourites and their best advice on how we can all bring a little bit of French elegance, style and quality in everyday life.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Distant Francophile community. I really hope you enjoy listening to The Franco-Files.

Episode Six: How To Pack Lightly

Episode Five: Catherine from Taste of France

Episode Four: Graham Welch

Episode Three: Annette Charlton

Episode Two: Jo Karnaghan

Episode One: Alisa Bearov Landrum

Introduction: Welcome To The ‘Franco-Files’