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I love it when I stumble on something unexpected when I’m travelling. My big find during our recent trip to Singapore came as I was hunting down a cool drink in the Fullerton Hotel. And it came in the form of a French perfumery – Fragrance Du Bois.

Scent is such a personal thing. Apart from a life long attraction to Chanel No. 5, I’ve always shunned ‘brand name’ and mass produced fragrances, preferring instead a more unique perfume – and yes, I’m aware of the massive irony contained in this sentence. In recent years, as I’ve become more aware of what I put on my skin, I’ve been increasingly drawn to natural fragrances.

I’m also a huge fan of gorgeous perfume stores. I don’t know what it is – maybe the glass – but perfumeries have always been one of my favourite places to shop.

So, it is probably no surprise that Fragrance Du Bois, with its gorgeous styling and natural ingredients, appealed to me on so many levels. It also reminded me, for very different reasons, of both of my favourite perfumeries, Melbourne’s Fleurage (for the natural ingredients) and Paris’ Serge Lutens Salons du Palais Royal (for the dark styling).

If I had to rate the three perfumeries in order of preference, Fleurage would always come out on top. The fragrances are, in a word, special and the service is second to none. And I love Fleurage’s look – I’ve always been a sucker for Art Deco styling.

But, somewhat surprisingly, given how I stumbled across their boutique, I’d have rate Fragrance Du Bois ahead of Serge Lutens. The fragrances are simply more natural and a just a little different.

Can’t wait to check out their Paris perfumery.

Until next time – au revoir.

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