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A Few More Lessons I’ve Learned From The French

I absolutely adore the Distant Francophile community. It is full of beautiful, caring francophiles who also happen to be both talented, amusing and clever! Last week’s post – 20 Things I’ve Learned From The French – certainly got a conversation started between these amazing people. So many others had their own ‘French lessons’ to share […]

Lessons I've learned from the Frem

French tea

French Tea And Me

Of all the Australian Capital cities, Melbourne is considered the most ‘European’. Melbournians can thank the large influx of Italian and Greek immigrants back in the 1950s for that title – their culture and customs have meshed with ours over years. As a result, our city is known for atmospheric laneways overflowing with great delicatessens, […]

20 Things I’ve Learned From The French

Travel is an excellent opportunity to learn. About yourself. About your travelling companions. And of course, about the country you travel to. Over the years, I’ve come to see the French culture as my ultimate mentor. I’ve learned so much over the years and sometimes it surprises me just how many of these lessons I’ve […]

Things I've learned from the French

Living life on autopilot

Are You Living Life On Autopilot?

One of the things I always notice when I return from France is how easy things are. It feels like I don’t have to think when I get back to Melbourne. Driving is straightforward, as is getting a table in a restaurant. Crossing the road is simple and asking for directions takes no thought at […]

Thoughts On Parisian Streets

I’ve just started reading the highly acclaimed book by author Elaine Sciolino, The Only Street In Paris. Life on the Rue des Martyrs.  It’s far too early for me to write you a review. Given the way I’m struggling to find time to read right now, you can expect that in a few months – […]

Parisian Streets

View from one of our favourite Parisian hotels

Four Parisian Hotels We Are Happy To Recommend

Start a conversation about Parisian arrondissements, as we did on Distant Francophile last week, and inevitably you will end discussing Parisian hotels. Given our love of Parisian apartments, you are probably not surprised to learn that we’ve not stayed in too many hotels in Paris. And truth be told, recommending a hotel can be as […]

Merry Christmas Everyone

Our regular Frenchify Your Friday post is having a little holiday tonight so we can take a moment to wish all of our fabulous Distant Francophile readers a safe and happy Christmas. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing we hope you have a wonderful day. Maybe you’ll even have a chance to incorporate […]

French culture French inspiration

Thoughts On French Culture

I love the comments that Distant Francophile readers share – they always get me thinking. A comment earlier this week had Scott and I discussing how generic cultures can become. Australian culture is a great example. Post white settlement, the Aussie culture was driven by the British Empire, prior to being deeply and positively influenced […]

France After The Paris Attacks

When Paris was so tragically attacked last month, many people questioned whether we were still planning to travel to France, and specifically Paris. While our travel plans were never in danger of changing, we were curious to understand what had changed in France after the Paris attacks. Personally, I was hoping for nothing – but […]

France after the Paris attacks

Not Changing Our Plans – Paris Is Still A Good Idea

It’s been heartbreaking to learn of the second terrorist attack on Paris during 2015. Our hearts go out to all who have been touched by this tragedy. It is devastating to see so much pain being inflicted on a city that brings great joy to so many. Since the Paris attacks, we’ve had lots of […]

Three Tips For Managing Movement In Travel Photos

Some of my favourite photographs from our French travels have been the photos that convey the energy and the spirit of the country I love so much. And those shots often contain a whole lot of movement. While it’s gratifying to be able to capture crystal clear images without blur, sometimes it’s fun to convey […]

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 23. We Need Your Help Please!

Want to Frenchify Your Friday and do us a huge favour at the same time? We really hope so! We genuinely get so much joy out of crafting Distant Francophile every week. Our only aims are to share our love and knowledge of France and to help anyone who wants to add a dose of […]

How We Save For Travel

Last week on Facebook, Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat. Pray. Love. fame, and more recently the author of Big Magic, an inspiring book for creative souls posted a thought-provoking piece on how little we need to give up in terms of every day luxuries in order to fulfil our travel dreams. Liz’s argument goes something like […]

Paris In Style – A Book Review

Well, I finally know what I want to be when I grow up. Yes, while it has taken me a little longer than most to work it out, I feel I now have clarity. I want to be Janelle McCulloch. And I figure I’m half way there – I’ve got first name covered. Obviously this […]

What Do You Need To Take Great Travel Pictures?

There’s an often repeated story of a photographer who goes to a friend’s house for dinner where the comment is made, “You take really good photos, you must have a really good camera”.  At the end of the meal, the photographer thanks the host for the meal with “Dinner was fantastic, you must have a […]