Not Changing Our Plans – Paris Is Still A Good Idea

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It’s been heartbreaking to learn of the second terrorist attack on Paris during 2015. Our hearts go out to all who have been touched by this tragedy. It is devastating to see so much pain being inflicted on a city that brings great joy to so many.

Since the Paris attacks, we’ve had lots of queries as to our travel plans – we are due to head to France in less than a fortnight.

I have to say that we are extremely grateful for the concern that has been shared with us. Thank you to everyone who has been in contact with us in last 24 hours.

Our decision is of course dependent on the response from the French government and the international community, but assuming Australians are still able enter France, we will be travelling to France and Paris just as we have planned.

Incredibly sadly, terrorism is now a part of the world we live in today. Seemingly senseless attacks continue to occur around the world, with innocent people being impacted all too regularly.

Unfortunately, you could be caught up in an incident like the one in Paris anywhere you might choose to travel. You might even be impacted if you are not travelling.

No one can say what might happen – ever – but that should not stop you from pursuing your dreams, passions or plans.

And personally, I don’t want to be adding to the fearful, hateful thoughts that are swirling around the universe right now. There’s enough of that already. I want to focus on the beautiful things in our world – one of which is clearly Paris.

What’s more, the Parisians who make a living from supporting travellers need all of us to maintain our plans. The impact of what occurred on Friday night was bad enough,  it doesn’t need to compounded by people avoiding their city out of fear.

So yes, we promise we will take all suggested precautions and will follow instructions but we will be travelling. It feels like the right thing to do.

Until next time – au revoir.


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8 thoughts on “Not Changing Our Plans – Paris Is Still A Good Idea

  • Jean-Marie

    Hi Janelle,

    Good to hear your positive thoughts!
    Although this event is horrific and far too close to our hearts (our daughter lost two friends at the Bataclan…), we can’t bow to the pressure of the people who just want that to happen.
    So we wish you a very good trip and will be checking your photos on IG.
    And for those of you who are thinking to join us on “Your Week in Provence” in May 2016, maybe it is actually a good time to book your space with only 5% deposit until January 15th. This trip will definitely happen! Hail, rain or most probably shine!
    Visit for details

    • Janelle Post author

      Thank you for the kind words Jean-Marie – and I’m so sorry to hear of your family’s loss. My heart goes out to you. And stay tuned for those photos on Instagram.

  • Rosie

    Janelle….yes it has been heart breaking. We are due to fly to Paris in two weeks and have no intention of NOT going. Of course, if the govt stops us then that is another issue. So we believe Paris is ALWAYS a good idea….and now more than ever.
    Viva la France!