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Three Tips For Managing Movement In Travel Photos

Some of my favourite photographs from our French travels have been the photos that convey the energy and the spirit of the country I love so much. And those shots often contain a whole lot of movement. While it’s gratifying to be able to capture crystal clear images without blur, sometimes it’s fun to convey […]

What Do You Need To Take Great Travel Pictures?

There’s an often repeated story of a photographer who goes to a friend’s house for dinner where the comment is made, “You take really good photos, you must have a really good camera”.  At the end of the meal, the photographer thanks the host for the meal with “Dinner was fantastic, you must have a […]

Seven Tips For Taking Great Travel Photos

It is safe to say that Scott takes the majority of the photographs that we share here on Distant Francophile. He has been a keen hobby photographer for a long time now and has learnt a lot – through both formal and informal learning – on how to take a great photo. Scott is also […]