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French Perfume

French Grooming Essentials – Part Four

Lately, we’ve been extending a conversation that a good friend and I started about the importance of grooming. And it turns out that French women have bucketloads of tips to help you look your best. We’ve already covered the big names – hair, eyebrows and skincare – so today I thought we should discuss all the little things. […]

French skincare essentials

Frenchify Your Friday

Apart from working flat out, dealing with technology issues, sorting out what I’m going to pack and organising all the last minute bits and pieces before our trip (we head to Paris tomorrow), I’ve also been thinking about new ways to inspire all the fabulous supporters of Distant Francophile. So tonight I’m introducing a brand […]

Master A French Classic – The Perfect Red Lip

I must admit that I’ve never been great at applying my own makeup. Don’t ask me to try a ‘smoky eye’ or a ‘cat eye’ – neither ends up looking right. And I find the French woman’s ‘no makeup look’ just plain hard. But the one thing I can do is a perfect red lip. […]