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French Perfume

French Grooming Essentials – Part Four

Lately, we’ve been extending a conversation that a good friend and I started about the importance of grooming. And it turns out that French women have bucketloads of tips to help you look your best. We’ve already covered the big names – hair, eyebrows and skincare – so today I thought we should discuss all the little things. […]

French skincare essentials

French Grooming Essentials – Part Three

Ok. So if you have been playing along at home, you’ll know that details on how French women groom their eyebrows were a little light on. But there is no way in the world that you can say the same for skin. It is extremely clear from everything you read or watch for on the […]

Style and Confidence

French Grooming Essentials – Part Two

I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that, when it comes to eyebrows, I’ve been guilty of neglect. For more years than I’m happy to admit, I didn’t pay any attention to them at all. No shaping, no enhancing, no nothing. Eventually, maybe about ten years ago or a little more, my eyebrows finally made […]

French grooming

French Grooming Essentials – Part One

The other day, one of my closest friends and I got to talking about the importance of grooming. We both agreed that while there are a few blessed souls out there who can look spectacular with assistance only from a hair tie and a little lip gloss, the rest of us have to work somewhat […]