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How to wear scarves

Master A French Classic – How To Wear Scarves

Don’t you love how French women – and men for that matter – just know how to wear scarves? Now, for a long time I really believed that you had to be French if you wanted to wear a scarf well. This was mainly due to the fact that no matter which beautiful scarf I […]

French 75 Cocktail

Master A French Classic – A French 75 Cocktail

As a rule, I like to enjoy my champagne without embellishment. It has a very refined taste, and I consider champagne to be perfectly drinkable on its own. As a result, I’m generally not a fan of the well known champagne cocktails – a Bellini has never cut it for me, and I’d never consider […]

Master A French Classic – The Perfect Red Lip

I must admit that I’ve never been great at applying my own makeup. Don’t ask me to try a ‘smoky eye’ or a ‘cat eye’ – neither ends up looking right. And I find the French woman’s ‘no makeup look’ just plain hard. But the one thing I can do is a perfect red lip. […]