My Top Five Ways To Create Stylish Necklines

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I’ve been writing on my two websites – Distant Francophile and Janelle Wehsack Coaching – for a long time now. Yet this week is the first very first time where one blog post suits both audiences. To be honest, it’s not often that French style and career confidence cross over. And oddly, we have Covid-19 to thank for the situation.

You see, since we’ve all been sheltering safely at home, I’m sure you’ve noticed the proliferation of video catch ups. Many of these are work related. But time with loved ones has also gone virtual lately, with video calls becoming increasingly popular.

And this has changed how we are thinking about dressing ourselves. As I said recently to my friend Rita, style these days is all about necklines. Rita – who happens to be the owner of my favourite clothing and lifestyle boutique – couldn’t have agreed more.

Whether you are in a work meeting or catching up with friends for a quick chat, stylish necklines are in focus.

And while French women bring many stylish elements to their outfits, they do necklines particularly well.

So I thought it timely to share what I’ve learned about stylish necklines from years of studying French women.

My Top Five Ways To Create Stylish Necklines

One – Scarves

I’m sure you saw this one coming. French women are known for bringing interest to their outfits with scarves. Whether you go for a light silk square to bring a pop of colour or opt for something that also adds some warmth, a scarf can upgrade the simplest outfit. If you feel like you need a little refresher on how to choose and tie scarves, make sure you check out this post.

Two – Jewellery

Statement necklaces and chandelier earrings can come into their own when you’re chatting on video. And they are an easy way to bring your personality into your outfit. If you want to add a French touch, go for finer styles in silver or gold.

Three – Boatneck Tops

Boatneck tops are ideal for days when you are communicating over video. Why? Because you can move about in your chair without worrying that you’ll reveal too much skin. Choose a classic Breton striped top if you want to bring a touch of France into your day.

Four – White shirts With Interesting Collars

White reflects light, which can brighten your face. And the collar makes for a stylish neckline. You really can’t go past a crisp white shirt, whether you are meeting up in person or via video.

Five – Roll Neck Tops

Regardless of if you opt for a jumper or something a little lighter, roll neck tops are great for adding interest to your head shot. And they are a great way of disguising the skin on your neck, if you feel it has been a little neglected.

One Final Thought

Video washes most women out. So don’t be afraid to take on the virtual world with a perfect red lip. It’s something the French do so well, and it’s faster to apply than eye makeup.

Do you have any tips for creating stylish necklines? I’d love you to share your secrets in the comments section below.

And until next time – au revior.

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8 thoughts on “My Top Five Ways To Create Stylish Necklines

  • Denise Linkson

    I love a good neckline & it definitely makes an outfit. I love a great collar on a white shirt that can dress up a pair of simple blue jeans, add a beautiful scarf & you can take your outfit to the next level . A great article Janelle on the importance of the humble neckline.

    • Janelle Post author

      Thanks so much Denise. I’m not sure I would have ever have thought to write about necklines if I hadn’t been seeing both myself and others so regularly on video. But when I got to thinking about it, I realised how important necklines are – and how well French women do them!!

  • Taste of France

    And set your computer/webcam atop a fat book so the angle is looking down at you–more flattering for anybody but also makes the neck more flattering/less visible.
    It’s absolutely true that TV news people wear jeans or even shorts when they are going to appear from the waist up only. One person I know had a white shirt, tie and suit jacket hanging in the closet and would don it only for the minutes on air, changing immediately afterward back into a band T-shirt with shorts.

    • Janelle Post author

      Yes, camera angle and lighting are super important for video calls Catherine. I have all sorts of props under my laptop (especially since my son ‘borrowed’ my webcam)!!!

  • kairosia

    I was on zoom yesterday with a group of nine friends that meets weekly. I had thrown on a scoopneck tee over my jeans after showering in the morning, but covered it with a cozy, somewhat homely, crewneck cardigan in the chilly morning. Just before logging into our meeting, I glimpsed myself in the mirror and grabbed a scarf that accented the soft lime green of my t-shirt. I didn’t have time to fuss with an elaborate styling of the scarf, so just tucked it slightly under the neck and pulled it down in a V along the opening the the sweater, folding back the top of the crew neckline into lapels. I fluffed the scarf a bit as I waited for the login to process, and when I came up in video, it looked so nice that I grinned like the Cheshire cat over my deception.

    Fun post.