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For when France seems too far away. Shop for inspiring images of France and discover travel tips, packing advice, recipes, book reviews and more.

I Was So Surprised By What They Are Wearing In Paris

What they are wearing in Paris

I honestly didn’t expect to be writing this post.

Following our last few visits, I’ve reported back on what they are wearing in Paris. This time around, I’d already decided that such a post would most likely be a little boring. I was genuinely thinking that it was very unlikely that anything would have changed dramatically since our last trip.

And in many ways, I was right.

Sneakers are still everywhere, as are black ankle boots. No change there.

Trench coats are always a Parisian spring staple, and this year was no exception. (Although I have to share that I did notice a variation in the cut. This season they are a little longer and a more voluminous style was popular. I’d almost describe the trench coats I saw as a cross between a trench and a duster coat. Beige was the most common colour I came across.)

Florals popped up again and again, particularly in frocks and tops and especially when the sun was out. This lined up with what I’d found the last time we were in Paris in warmer weather.

And, regardless of the temperature (there were extreme variations while I was there), that dash of mustard I saw last year has spread everywhere. I noticed everything from mustard tops (some with floral prints to combine a couple of trends) right through to a striking pair of mustard tights.

But then I came across something I really didn’t expect to see.

Louis Vuitton bags.

And they were everywhere.

What They Are Wearing In Paris

Now I know monogram is back in a big way at the moment, but even so, I didn’t expect to see it so often in Paris. After all, folklore – as well as plenty of articles on the internet – inform us that Parisian women never carry Louis Vuitton bags.

Although I’ve never fully understood why the French brand, so coveted in many other parts of the world, lacked popularity in its home country, I have to agree with all of those articles. Through all of my people watching over the years, I have never seen anywhere near as many Louis Vuitton bags being carried as I did on this trip.

That said, they seem extremely popular at the moment.

Surprise – Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton bags first hit my radar when I noticed a woman on the Mètro. She was maybe in her late fifties and she was nursing a vintage monogram bag on her lap.

Later that same day, I crossed paths with an older couple walking their dog in Saint-Germain. Madame held the dog’s lead in one hand and a Stephen Sprouse Roses Speedy bag in the other hand. I was so surprised by the sight that I was too slow to capture the image with my camera.

From that moment on, it felt like I was swamped by an avalanche of Louis Vuitton bags. I saw them in supermarkets. And in cafés. And I promise you that I followed my own rules of making sure I was observing French women rather than my fellow travellers.

At first I thought perhaps only older women were carrying the bags. But there were also a great many younger women toting the distinctive coated canvas bags – particularly the Neverfull. I saw them perched on prams and slung over the shoulders of numerous young mums. And the backpacks were popular too.

At first I was keeping track of the number of Louis Vuitton bags I saw. But by the end of our trip I’d well and truly lost count.

A Possible Explanation For These Sightings

The only explanation I can offer for this explosion of Louis Vuitton comes in the form Brigitte Macron. The wife of the French President is clearly a fan of Louis Vuitton. Many of the pictures published of her feature both outfits and accessories from the French brand.

Perhaps her influence has given Parisian women permission to dust off their vintage treasures – as well as their newer purchases – for now, at least.

Have you travelled to Paris recently? Did you notice a greater number of Louis Vuitton bags? Or perhaps you noticed something about what they are wearing in Paris that I missed? I’d love for you to share your observations in the comments section below.

And until next time – au revoir.

Please note – This is an unsolicited post and no compensation of any kind has been received from the brands mentioned in the piece.

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