French Kissing – A Different Perspective

French Kissing - A Different Perspective

I get a real kick out of reading about other travellers experiences of France. I find it both inspirational and informative. And as a result, I spend way too much time reading blog posts about France – so much so, I’m amazed that I ever get anything else done.

One of the things I love about France is the fact that it evokes different responses and reactions.

While this is certainly true for travellers, it is also true for Francophiles. I just love how we all bring our own perspectives to our interactions with France, her people and her culture.

And for those of us who choose to write about our experiences in and of France, I adore that there are seemingly endless topics to share our thoughts on.

I was recently introduced to a new blog with the intriguing title of Slantish. And the tag line – The world can be viewed from many perspectives – captures this idea of different outlooks perfectly.

Blog author Nicole Lamond has written a fabulous foundation post on a French related topic. The subject matter – French kissing – is one that I haven’t thought to write about but dearly wish I had.

I’d love for you to head on over to Slantish and check out A convert to French kissing.

And if you are a fellow blogger with a positive perspective on France that you’d like to share, please let me know. I adore introducing different views on France to the Distant Francophile community. 

Finally, a great big thank you to Nicole for being so generous in sharing her personal perspective.

Until next time – au revoir.

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2 thoughts on “French Kissing – A Different Perspective

  • Taste of France

    After 20 years, I still feel awkward with the bise. I’m OK if somebody else initiates it, but I hate being the person who has just arrived and who must make the rounds. Starting with whom? I was once at a government office for an appointment with a bigwig, and everybody who showed up to work came to his desk to greet him. I never would have interrupted my boss in a meeting in order to tell him good morning. Very different.

    • Janelle Post author

      Hi Taste of France. I just love the perspective you bring to all these things – while I have to say that I’d never really put my mind to the whole ‘kissing’ thing, I certainly hadn’t thought of it in terms of every day life. Yes – where would you start? And I definitely hadn’t put my mind to how it might work in a corporate or government environment. Thank you for helping me think in terms of real life!