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My Quick And Easy Wardrobe Cleanse

Wardrobe Cleanse

Well, spring has almost sprung in Melbourne town. And the somewhat warmer weather has inspired me to conduct a wardrobe cleanse.

Personally, I love cleaning and organising my wardrobe. However, from working with women I know that so many of you cannot think of anything worse.

You see, clothes can build emotional ties. Which, in turn, can make them difficult to remove from our lives. 

Sometimes these ties arise from feelings of scarcity – thoughts like ‘What if I need that one day?’ can easily arise. In a similar vein, for some women, an overflowing closet can signal a sense of abundance and safety, and prompt women to hang onto items for longer than they need to.

Releasing items that transport you back to a point in time where things seemed ‘right’ or ‘better’ can also be very hard for many women, as can letting go of the clothes that you’ve held onto after a weight change. 

And there are so many sentimental reasons to hang onto clothes. Clothes that you wore for special occasions and or received as gifts from loved ones can be especially hard to part with. (If you are looking for tips on how to part with clothes that you’ve become tied to, make sure you check out this post.

However, while farewelling clothing can be challenging, there are many benefits that come from an organised wardrobe. 

Some are super practical. For example, having everything clean, tidy and pared back makes it easier to get dressed each day, simply because you can easily see everything you own. And anything that saves time every morning has to be considered a good thing, right?

It can also save you money because you are less likely to buy multiples when you know what is in your wardrobe and where to find it. At the same time, a wardrobe cleanse can help to identify key gaps in your clothing options, allowing you to shop with intention.

There are also psychological benefits to clearing out your wardrobe. It gives you a chance to dress for the woman you are today, or perhaps becoming. And if you only have a wardrobe filled with things you love, there is every chance that you will walk out the door each morning feeling pulled together and confident.

For me, the benefits of an organised wardrobe far outweigh the challenges. And in all honesty, a wardrobe cleanse isn’t that difficult or overwhelming if you follow my simple process.

My Quick And Easy Wardrobe Cleanse

A lot of stylists recommend pulling every item out of your wardrobe and making a pile on the bed. And I do that too if I want to wipe down the walls in my closet. However, most of the time I just start at one end of the rack and pull out each item one-by-one. My wardrobe isn’t very large and I can normally get through every item in one sitting. However, this approach does allow me to chunk down my wardrobe cleanse when I’m short on time. And it prevents an overwhelming mess consuming our bedroom.

For each item I then assess whether it will remain in my life by considering the following questions:

  1. Do I love the item and does it make me feel fabulous when I wear it?
  2. Is it still in good repair? If no, can it be spruced up easily?
  3. Does it suit my lifestyle?
  4. Would I buy it again if I saw it in a shop?
  5. Does it suit my shape and my colouring?
  6. Does it fit perfectly or could it be tailored to fit perfectly? (See this post for more information on fit.)
  7. Have I worn it in past 12 months?

If the answer is no to more than one of these questions, I immediately exit the item in question from my wardrobe into one of two large bags. 

The first bag is for is for clothing that I will sell or donate. Most of my pre-loved clothes go to good will, although I do try to sell certain high end pieces. 

The second bag is reserved for items that need to head to the tailor.

Items that are a definite yes to all of my questions are put back in the wardrobe in order of item first, then colour. For example, my blazers are grouped together, from lightest colour through to darkest. 

And that’s it. The job’s done, and I get to admire my efforts.

One Final Thought

If you really can’t get rid of a certain piece but find you never wear it, consider how you might get creative. Can you wear it in an unexpected or different way? Perhaps with a belt? Maybe under a blazer? Or can you pair it with other items in your wardrobe for a fresh new look. Ideally you want to wear every piece that is taking up valuable real estate in your closet.

Are you a fan of the wardrobe cleanse? Or do you avoid the task at all costs? I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time – au revoir.


Photo Credit – Haute Stock

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