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French Girl Hair….A Christophe Robin Update

Christophe RobinIf I could use just two words to describe French girl hair, they would be chic and healthy. Whether the hair is long or short, dark or light, it always looks shiny and well cared for.

And – when it comes to this well cared for result – I’ve come to the conclusion that while diet and genetics undoubtedly play a role, there is a lot to be said for the use of quality French products.

I did my first review on superstar stylist Christophe Robin’s haircare products a little while back. And since writing that piece I’ve become a complete convert to the brand. I’ve absolutely reconciled the price and value – so much so, I’ve even bought a shampoo for Scott! And gathering by the number of people who stop by Distant Francophile to read that original review, I know there is real interest out there in the uniquely French cleansers and conditioners.

Since I’ve been using the Christophe Robin range, my hair is the healthiest and most manageable it has ever been. My hair has never been my strongest asset – and it probably never will be. I’ll never have one of those beautiful manes of hair. But at least now I’m at a point where my hair no longer causes me grief. And that can only be considered a good thing.

In case you are wondering, I get my selections shipped straight to home from France, via the Christophe Robin website. The range is available in Australia but only from limited suppliers, and they don’t stock all the products.

My Favourite Christophe Robin Haircare Products

The Volume Enhancers

I’m still regularly using the rose scented volume enhancing concoctions I wrote about here. My fine hair definitely has way more bounce when I use the Cleansing Paste and associated conditioner and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the fragrance.

The Masks

If I was going to name the biggest change to my haircare routine it has been the introduction of regular masks. I have a funny feeling that I should have started using them sooner. My two favourite Christophe Robin masks are the Cleansing Mask with Lemon and the Shade Variation Nutritive Mask. Both products leave my hair soft and shiny and so easy to style. The Nutritive Mask has the added benefit of making my salon hair colour last longer.

The Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil With Lavender

Oils have been a hot topic in haircare world for a long time now. In the past, I’ve always found them somewhat problematic, as my hair has always tended to be on the oily side naturally. So I was fairly sceptical when I first tried a sample of the CR Pre-Shampoo Oil. My hair responded really well to my first use of the product but I was still wasn’t ready to commit, testing the result with a second sample. Again, my hair felt nourished but not at all weighed down. I was convinced. Now I find myself reaching for it all the time.

The Sea-Salt Scrub

This one is perfect prior for using prior to the Shade Variation Mask or for whenever my hair feels like it needs a deep clean. And its name always makes me think of salted caramel for some reason – seems like I’m a fan of things that come with sea-salt built in.

One Final Thought

One of the things that I like about the range is how the various items can be used differently – or even mixed together – to treat individual hair concerns. For example, depending on how my hair is feeling, I sometimes use the Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil before the Volume Cleansing Paste or the Cleansing Mask with Lemon. And I can mix that same Cleansing Mask with the Sea-Salt Scrub to address both the dry and oily parts of my hair. 

There are lots of suggestions on how to use the various products on the Christophe Robin website.

For someone who grew up being indoctrinated by women’s magazines and television commercials to use ‘matching’ shampoo and conditioner this is a refreshing approach that leaves me feeling more empowered about dealing with my hair. And it also stops me from getting bored with my haircare routine!

Have you tried Christophe Robin products? Are you a fan like me? Or is it a line that you could happily leave on the shelf? Either way, I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time – au revoir.

Please note: This is an unsolicited post and no compensation of any kind has been received from Christophe Robin or any associated parties.

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