Ten Must Follow Instagram Accounts For Stylish Francophiles


One of the many and varied reasons that I originally established Distant Francophile was to share some of the many beautiful photos of France that Scott had taken on our travels.

I promise I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that we already had thousands of shots when I started DF. I thought that they were all so very lovely and it frustrated me no end to have them languishing on hard-drives in our study. Posting the photos became a way for me to share everything I love about France and French influenced style.

So I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when I finally discovered Instagram a little while later (yep, I’ve always been a bit of a late bloomer). Here was an avenue for me to inspire and be inspired at the same time.

I was an immediate convert.

For those of you who also live your lives under the heading of late bloomer, Instagram is a social media platform that very much focuses on the beautiful and the visual. It is free and easy to set up. Oh, and don’t feel your have to post photos of your own. You can have an account, private if you choose, and access tons of ideas and inspiration. All this without ever sharing more than your admiration via a double tap on photos that you like.

If you are interested, you can find out more about accounts here. And once you have an account, you can fill up on anything that takes your fancy. From gorgeous food accounts to shot after shot of cute kittens and everything in between, Instagram offers something for everyone.

My Top Ten Instagram Accounts For Stylish Francophiles

While sharing my Instagram favourites seemed like a good idea initially, I actually found this curation exercise quite difficult. I happily follow over 700 Insta accounts and narrowing it down to my top ten became a bit of a challenge. But I got there in the end.


Geni’s account is so engaging and fun. Her beautiful shots of Paris and surrounding areas are coupled with witty comments. And her photos of Parisian cafés make me want to immediately book a flight to France so I can join her for a cup of coffee and a croissant!


This is the feed for francophiles that I wish I’d created. It really is the perfect mix of words and photos. The real life photos taken in Paris are fabulous, but the stories that accompany them are also a highlight. I can’t imagine how long it takes to match the imagined commentary to the pictures – and yet, they are always so detailed and appropriate,


Everything looks good on this particular feed. Stylish tid-bits popped together with lovely shots of Paris. Mix all that with clever use of white and some sensational hats and you have a winner.


Renata’s use of colour always makes me smile. She has the ability to make every French village and winding rue look stunning. And her photos of the French Riviera have inspired us to move it to the top of our ‘must visit next’ list. I wonder if Renata realises that she qualifies as an ‘influencer’?


Georgianna Lane takes stunning photos. I can’t put it more simply than that. She captures everything we all love about Paris in such a beautiful way. And if you are after a pastel version of Paris featuring gorgeous flowers, make sure you also check out her second feed georgiannalane.


Instagram isn’t just an app for photographs. You can also find some beautiful art there too. Some of my favourites are created by Anthony of tambo14. The detail is divine and I love the splashes of colour he offers. If you feel so inclined, you can Direct Message Anthony to purchase his work for your home.


Rebecca provides francophiles with a little bit of everything. Style, flowers, insights – you’ll find it all on her account.


I really enjoyed Katrina’s book – Paris Dreaming – and I also enjoy her Insta feed. Her commentary falls into the entertaining/education space and her book recommendations are spot on. When I think about it, I guess both those points are unsurprising given Katrina is an author….


Pastel pinks. Sweet treats. Parisian icons. So. Much. To. Love. Thank you Alexandra for brightening the day!


I’ve been a Vicki Archer fan for what feels like forever. I first fell for her books, closely followed by her blog. When we visited Saint Rémy-de-Provence, I booked us into Le Petit Bijou – the stunning village house Vicki created for visitors. It was an absolute given that I would love her Instagram account. And I have to tell you that I’ve been really enjoying her recent posts of her latest accommodation venture. No bookings have been made at the time of writing.

And Just One More – Because I Couldn’t Help Myself


Cheeky I know, but if you are not following Distant Francophile already please pop over and check us out. You don’t get a prize for guessing that the photos I select are all about France. These days, the pictures we share on both the blog and Instagram are taken by either Scott or myself. In fact we are now at a point where the ‘photographer mix’ is nearly fifty-fifty. You see, I caught the photography bug off Scott a few years ago, and although I don’t think my shots will ever rival his, today I enjoy taking photos nearly as much as I enjoy looking at them. And – as a bonus – I often share snippets of our adventures that I don’t post on the DF website.

Are you a fan of Instagram? Do you have any favourite French inspired or style accounts for francophiles that you happily follow? If so, please share – I’m always keen to add some new inspiration to my world.

Until next time – au revoir.

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I believe that everyone can bring French elegance and inspiration to their life, no matter where they happen to live in the world. They only need to learn a secret or two to be on their way. When you join the Distant Francophile community, you’ll have access to the secrets that allow you to bring the best of the French lifestyle into your everyday life. I’m talking about things like style advice, recipes and book reviews. And you’ll also receive regular doses of French inspiration, as well as travel and packing tips galore.

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11 thoughts on “Ten Must Follow Instagram Accounts For Stylish Francophiles

  • Taste of France

    This is fantastic! I see stylish women, especially on Saturdays at the market, but am not yet daring enough to ask for their photos. Still, they are just not enough. And the style here is just not quite the same as NYC or LA or anyplace else. OTOH, IG on a desktop is not the greatest, and my phone is garbage, so I am not so much into IG as blogs. I wish IG would change some of its settings to accommodate the big screen.

    • Janelle Post author

      Thanks Catherine. You make a great point about Insta being best on a mobile device. But I think that is one of the great things about choices we have when it comes to social media. We can pick and choose how we consume our inspiration. I’ve shifted from blogs, to Insta and only very recently FB groups….I wonder what will grab my attention next???

  • Alisa

    Oh, Janelle, I have such reservations about Instagram. I just worry that we are frittering away so much of our time scrolling through pretty pictures that could be put to so much better use. I guess it is a question of balance, and the need to curate a very limited number of sites that bring us the most pleasure and inspiration in the shortest amount of scrolling. Lists like yours help with that.

    • Claire

      Alisa, I think that too. I have chosen to stay away from Facebook and all the other things and just follow a small group of people on Instagram. Looking at some beautiful photographs from around the world is a lovely way to start my day or lift my mood.

    • Janelle Post author

      You raise a great point here Alisa. Like the Internet itself, social media options like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can all easily swallow up stacks of time if we allow them to. For me, it is about making an intentional choice as to what you use and why. Personally I am not on Insta everyday – and sometimes have long absences – it depends on whether or not I have the space for inspiration to come in, as well as whether I feel I have something of value to share (hence my inconsistent posting routine – especially if you compare it to the blog). Similarly, I ‘come and go’ on alternate platforms, depending on my mood and what I’m looking for. Scott, on the other hand, has never had a Facebook account, yet he checks Instagram every day. He uses it for keeping in touch with friends and family, as well finding future holiday spots and, of course, photographic inspiration. Like most things in this wonderful world, it comes down to individual preference – and I’m really glad there are options to cater for all the preferences out there.

  • Claire

    Thanks, I’m always on the look out for lovely instagram accounts.
    Can I be cheeky too and say the photos of our recent French trip are on my Instagram account travelbyclaire.
    We are no way professional photographers but we always try to make an effort with the photos we take when we are in holiday.
    Some I’m so pleased with I’m having enlarged in black and white to decorate the walls of our newly renovated house.

    • Janelle Post author

      You are not being cheeky at all Claire. I happily followed along on your latest adventures – the photos from your trip were fabulous. And I’m not at all surprised you are featuring them at home!!