In Case Of Emergency – Read This

For when you need a dose of all things French - or would like to run away to Paris!

Sometimes life gets more overwhelming than we’d prefer it to be. When these times creep up on me, the first thing I want to do is escape to Paris. It is no coincidence that our amazing photo shoot with Paris based photographer Carla Coulson was themed around running away to Paris!

But actually being able to fulfil that desire is usually not practical. Which is why I’ve put together my emergency list to for days when you desperately need a dose of all things French.

If you need a little satisfaction, perhaps an easy French inspired dinner will help. Head to your nearest patisserie to buy a quiche Lorraine and a lemon tart. Do not think about the calories. Enjoy the quiche with a salad and the tart with really thick cream.

If feeling grounded is on the agenda, take in the gorgeous views or French study architecture. No you don’t have to travel to do this. Simply spend some time in comfy spot with a cup of tea (or maybe a glass of wine) and a stack of large format photo books. The images will transport you to France in seconds.

If you are craving a little luxury, spritz on your favourite French perfume. Shower with a French  milled soap. Savour one bite of perfect dark chocolate. (When I think about this one, I really could provide so many examples. The French do luxury so well).

If you are dreaming of French beauty, get your nails manicured like a French girl would. Or perhaps invest in a facial, something that makes your skin glow. Even a slick of your favourite red lipstick will do the trick.

If all else fails, book yourself some flights to France – even if they are months ahead in the future. Sometimes just knowing you will be in France at some point in the future can be enough to make all the difference to an ordinary week.

Until next time – au revoir.


Photo credit – Carla Coulson, 2015.

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