My Must Have French Pharmacy Products


Montmartre pharmacyI’ve been thinking about last week’s Four Days In Paris piece…

While I think I covered a host of Parisian shopping opportunities, I omitted one vital stop.

The French pharmacy.

Now, while you are unlikely to spend an entire day hanging out in a French pharmacy, you do need to make sure you fit in a little visit at some point during your Parisian stay.

Renowned the world over for supplying only the best beauty products, I have some absolute ‘must buys’ any time I visit Paris.

Here is what I make sure I don’t leave for home without:

  • Caudalie Premier Cru skincare. While it couldn’t be described as cheap, this range is simply lovely and not available in Australia. I’m not sure I believe in all the claims on the packaging (to be honest, I’m beyond believing the claims on any beauty product packaging) but it makes my skin feel good, and for me that’s a big plus.
  • La Roche-Posay retinol products. While they are available in Australia, they are sooooo much more expensive than in France. I always make sure I stock up while I’m overseas.
  • Likewise Bioderma Sensiblio H20. This makeup remover is super cheap in France when compared to the prices charged in Melbourne. Like a quarter of the price. I always save space in my luggage for a bottle or two.
  • Same goes for Marvis toothpaste which is markedly cheaper in France (and so much easier to find) than in Australia. And yes, I know Marvis is actually an Italian brand – but for me Marvis equals French toothpaste. The packaging is gorgeous and the flavours different – my favourite is Amarelli Licorice. I particularly like to pick up the travel size toothpaste while I’m in Paris.
  • Innoxa Gouttes Bleues. I’ve only ever found these famous blue eyedrops in France and have to agree with everyone who says that these drops make your eyes more sparkly.
  • Square cotton makeup remover pads. I do not know why we don’t have the square shape in Australia! I know it seems silly to lug cotton wool to the other side of the world but in keeping with the idea simple things are the best I always find myself heading home with a couple of packets. At least they are light and easy to pack!

There you have it – my list of French pharmacy favourites. Do you have any must have French pharmacy products? If so, I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

And until next time – au revoir.

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4 thoughts on “My Must Have French Pharmacy Products

  • Kathy

    It is not just the fact that the makeup remover pads are square but the fact they are double-sided with one side slightly rougher for removing makeup or exfoliating and the other for deep cleansing. I didn’t think that it would make much of a difference – but wrong again! Love my French parapharmacie and pharmacy products. Spend a fortune but they last me all year round.

    • Janelle Post author

      Thanks for reminding me about that Kathy – I ran out of makeup remover pads a while back and had forgotten that point! I also try to buy a whole year’s worth of products while I’m in France – it’s hilarious how much pharmacy product I come home with!