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My Favourite French Beauty Products

  I’ve been very busy at work recently, delivering a big project that has been equal parts exhilarating and exhausting. Unfortunately, I’m not getting any comments about looking exhilarated. I am however getting stacks of feedback about how tired I appear. Which, I guess, is fair enough. I’ve been working long hours and can’t say […]

My Must Have French Pharmacy Products

  I’ve been thinking about last week’s Four Days In Paris piece… While I think I covered a host of Parisian shopping opportunities, I omitted one vital stop. The French pharmacy. Now, while you are unlikely to spend an entire day hanging out in a French pharmacy, you do need to make sure you fit […]

French Perfume

How To Be Parisian – Part Two

While we were in Paris, we were lucky enough to spend an unforgettable day with three amazingly creative, beautiful and intelligent women – all of whom actually live in Paris. Now, we all know just how fabled French women, and particularly Parisian women, are. Entire libraries have been written on ‘how to be Parisian’ or […]