Frenchify Your Friday – Number 25

Chocolat Moelleux

We have to start out this week’s Frenchify Your Friday post with a big, big welcome to all of you who are new to Distant Francophile.

We’ve had stacks of interest in the whole Distant Francophile concept recently and, given how much we adore connecting with people who love France as much as we do, we are so excited to have you all here.

Please feel free to join the conversation – either via the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.

So what’s the go with today’s post?

The whole idea of ‘Frenchify Your Friday’ started a little while ago now (25 weeks ago to be exact).

Every Thursday, we post something short and sweet that you might want to try out the following day to bring a little bit of French joie de vivre into your Friday.

The tips are usually very simple – we want it to be easy for you to add something French to your day.

This week, we’re thinking that you might want to Frenchify Your Friday with a little bit of sugary goodness in the form of Chocolat Moelleux.

Warm, oozing and entirely yummy, Chocolat Moelleux is also incredibly easy to put together.

With a few ingredients and even fewer steps you’ll have a little taste of France on the table in no time at all. You can check out our favourite recipe here.

Of course, if cooking just sounds to hard on a Friday, this rich and tasty little number shouldn’t be too hard to find on a local restaurant menu!!

Wishing you all the best for a fabulous Friday.

Until next time – au revoir.



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I believe that everyone can bring French elegance and inspiration to their life, no matter where they happen to live in the world. They only need to learn a secret or two to be on their way. When you join the Distant Francophile community, you’ll have access to the secrets that allow you to bring the best of the French lifestyle into your everyday life. I’m talking about things like style advice, recipes and book reviews. And you’ll also receive regular doses of French inspiration, as well as travel and packing tips galore.

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