Finding French Inspiration – In April

Welcome to April!

April is one of my favourite months of the year. The Melbourne weather is usually pretty good and Easter is a great excuse to catch up with family and friends – which is exactly what we are doing over the long weekend.

And it’s also time for me to catch you up on some of the French inspiration I’ve been finding on the internet recently. I just love the Internet – it provides so many ways to bring a little bit of France into everyday life.

If Paris is on your to do list for April, you must check out Paris in April – what’s on over at My French Life. As always, Judy’s compiled the best of Paris happenings, which this month includes a taste of fashion.

While we are on the topic of things to do in Paris, my friend Stuart sent me this link to a great list of stylish places to check out while you are there. I was particularly excited to see it was written by the fabulous Julietta Jameson (who happened to be my tutor for my travel writing course).

I travel a lot with my work and I have to admit that I don’t always pay that much attention to the airline safety videos. But this video by Air France which I found on Mashable Australia is so stylish and so cute I watched it from start to finish…and I wasn’t even on a plane! And don’t forget to check out my tips for long haul flights before you next fly.

Who hasn’t dreamt of owning their own Parisian apartment? I know it’s something we’d love to do! The team at Paris Perfect gave a taste of what it would be like to renovate your own apartment in this revealing piece.

Have you checked out Distant Francophile on Instagram yet? Scott and I have been having great fun posting our favourite photos. If you haven’t already, check out our account here. And don’t forget to follow Distant Francophile on Facebook where I will be sharing more French inspiration throughout the month.

Wishing you a safe and happy April, full of French fun.

Until next time – au revoir.








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8 thoughts on “Finding French Inspiration – In April

  • Rosie G

    Bonjour Janelle,
    Love your site …. I too am a distant Francophile (North Qld). We are returning to Paris for one month over Christmas/New Year……to get in the mood, I am sitting in a cafe, noisette in hand, considering the pinot as it is close to midday, scarf insouciantly tossed about my neck and a slash on wantonly red lippie……I am definitely in the zone. We have booked for a champers tour for New Years Eve…..going to do the Jules Verne thing before Christmas (clothing ideas please) and O Chateau (again) for a wine tasting……I have also found some fabulous cafes etc. We have an apartment (or enlarged cupboard?) in the 18th (again). ANy advice from you would be welcomed. Still persisting with the language…..Je parle un peu et tres mal!
    Rosie G

    • Janelle Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment Rosie – I always love to hear from fellow Francophiles. It sounds like you are having a lovely time getting in the zone – sometimes that is half the fun!! And you’ve just reminded me about O Chateau…I’ve been meaning to post about that experience for the longest time – we had such a good time. If you enjoy wine tastings, the free evening sessions at La Grande Epicerie are both relaxed and informative. We’ve dined at Le Jules Verne twice – both times for lunch and both times in winter (we love Paris in winter). For ladies, dressy pants with a nice blazer/jacket and boots was just fine. I imagine it wouldn’t be too different for dinner, although you might go a dash more evening (and perhaps heels)! Men don’t have to wear a suit coat through the day, unlike some other Michelin starred Parisian restaurants – not sure about the evening. The language is still a challenge for me too…I’ll be interested to see how we go after our time in ‘immersion language school’. We’ve stayed close to the 18th twice so I will go back through our journals and see what I can share on the blog – stay tuned! Thanks again.

      • Rosie G

        Thanks Janelle…that helped. I had read Olivier’s book (not about wine) and laughed myself silly. Had the delight of meeting him and getting him to sign my book that I dragged with me….he is sooooooo French-ly handsome…..I was quite a-swoon!
        Info about Jules Verne very much appreciated.
        Will we have a soupçon of snow do you think? My husband has never seen the white flakes and is rather hoping (although we are going to Iceland first so I imagine….well, a surfeit of snow and ice!!).
        I love your site….informative and fun.
        Where are you doing the immersion classes?
        We are moving to Victoria next year and I intend to enrol in language classes immediatement!!!! (Alliance Francaise perhaps?)
        Thanks again and best wishes
        Rosie Gudonis

        • Janelle Post author

          Wow Rosie – I didn’t get a chance to meet him but you are making me wish I had!! We had snow in Paris just the once – we were so excited…far more so than the Parisians! I’m tipping though that you and your hubby will see snow in Iceland if not in Paris. We are off to language school in Sancerre, in the Loire Valley at a place called Coeur de France. It will be very different but I’m really looking forward to it.

          • Rosie G

            Janelle…..well here is moi thinking Sancerre was a wine (but also a language school….region….so inclusive of the language and a soupçon of wine…..a few glasses certainly improve my language skills….(I think this is called an erroneous belief).
            Very interested to know about the school….duration, accommodation costs etc…..and hope you blog it.
            Clothes for winter in Paris? Suggestions??
            Love love love this site.
            Rosie G

          • Janelle Post author

            Hi again Rosie. I will definitely be posting about our experiences in Sancerre – both in terms of the school, our attempts at the French language and the wine!! Check out my post about Packing For Paris In Winter – and yell out if you need any more advice. Cheers, Janelle.