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Managing your message

Are You Managing Your Message?

Have you stopped to consider what your clothes say about you? Do you ever think about the messages you are sending to others simply by how you choose to dress? Are you broadcasting to everyone you encounter that you a confident woman, happy with what is going on her life? Or is your look transmitting […]

Statement Piece Clothing Fit

The Power Of The Statement Piece

Recently, I shared the story of my friend who cleared out her wardrobe and started again. Yes, you read that right. She created a brand new wardrobe from scratch – one that absolutely represents the woman she is today. While I know scores of women who would love to follow her lead and make that […]

Signature style Stylish Travel Essentials

Thoughts On Developing A Signature Style

Do you have a signature style? Something that articulates your brand in the world? A look that everyone immediately associates as being ‘so you’? There’s no doubt about it, developing a signature style is a good idea. Somewhat akin to a uniform – and occasionally described as such – everything you’ll read on the topic […]