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For when France seems too far away. Shop for inspiring images of France and discover travel tips, packing advice, recipes, book reviews and more.

The Power Of The Statement Piece

Statement Piece

Recently, I shared the story of my friend who cleared out her wardrobe and started again. Yes, you read that right. She created a brand new wardrobe from scratch – one that absolutely represents the woman she is today.

While I know scores of women who would love to follow her lead and make that kind of investment in themselves, I also know a great many who are pretty happy with their wardrobes.

These women have generally spent years curating their clothing, investing in classics when they can. The closest thing I ever hear to a grumble from these women is the fact that sometimes they can get a little bored with their look.

And this is where the statement piece comes in.

Statement pieces bring something new and different to your wardrobe. They allow you to create fresh looks from items you already own – switching things up and eliminating boredom all in a single purchase.

Somewhat akin to an investment piece, but offering more flexibility because they are not always super expensive and not necessarily classic, you don’t have to commit to a statement piece forever. Having said that, while a statement piece can be seasonal, it can also be more enduring (and if you adore it, you may as well hang onto it for as long as you love it).

Statement pieces also come in numerous forms. To get you thinking, here are a few ideas.

The Power Of The Statement Piece


Depending on the cut, real or faux leather clothing can bring a classy edge to your wardrobe. Slim fitting often looks better than skin tight when it comes to pants, skirts and jackets and it is usually the more comfortable cut. However, steer clear of anything too big or bulky, especially when it comes to jackets – tailored leather pieces are often more versatile.

I recently purchased a black leather pencil skirt and I’ve found it incredibly adaptable. It’s been on high rotation both at work and on the weekend, as it easy to dress up and down.

If a whole piece crafted from leather is too much for your taste, touches of leather – think panels, cuffs, collars and the like – can do the same job.

One last thought on leather – unless you are super keen, I’d recommend avoiding ‘double leather’. Like ‘double denim’, it can be notoriously difficult to get right.


There is absolutely nothing like the tactile qualities of velvet. If you ask me, when it comes to fabrics, there is just nothing more luxurious. And as a result, a velvet garment makes an ideal statement piece.

Jackets are probably the easiest for most of us to wear. That said, velvet trousers can look great, as can velvet shirts. And velvet coats and capes can be simply stunning.

Velvet colour choices are often rich – black, burgundy and navy spring to mind – which of course adds an extra dramatic dimension to your look, especially when the weather cools down.

Leopard Print

I’m not entirely sure why but many women avoid leopard print, Maybe it is for some ethical reason, or perhaps they’ve seen too many poorly done prints (and there are lots out there). However, if you can find the right shade, a touch of leopard can add a playful element to your everyday outfits. Look for shirts, scarves or shoes that allow you to add a feline feel to neutral outfits.

And if leopard doesn’t work for you, don’t discount other animal prints. A friend of mine has a fabulous cowhide clutch that elevates every single outfit she chooses to pair it with.


No surprises here. Adding a statement shoe is one of the easiest ways to inject sparkle into an outfit. Look for interesting elements, which could come in the form of colour, fabric or just plain quirkiness.

My only other tip – make sure they are comfortable, otherwise you could end up making a statement of a different kind when you just can’t wear them a moment longer.

Parisian Statements

French women, particularly those who live in Paris, seem to get the statement piece just right. From shiny red ballet flats, through quirky t-shirts, to deep emerald velvet jackets, I’ve caught myself admiring many ‘stand-out’ items on my travels that have taken an everyday outfit from just ok to something fabulous.

If you’re feeling a touch ‘ho-hum’ about your wardrobe, you might like to take some inspiration from the streets of Paris and consider whether a statement piece could be something you need to consider.

One final thought. If you are a fan of different eras, you will often discover unique statement pieces in vintage clothing stores. While it is not part of my personal look, I can certainly appreciate the number of statement pieces you could acquire via a little vintage shopping.

Have you invested in a statement piece recently? Do you already have a favourite item that has sparked up your wardrobe. If so, I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time – au revoir.

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