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Master A French Classic - The Trench Coat

Master A French Classic – The Trench Coat

Baby pink blossom, with an Eiffel Tower backdrop. Parisian café terraces bathed in ever brightening sunlight. Yes, the photos that have been popping up in my Instagram feed lately have been sending a clear message. Spring is on the way – at least in Paris. And while the ever appropriate Parisians won’t be looking to […]

It's all about the shoes. Wear your ballet flats and bring a little French style to your day

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 18

It probably goes without saying that French women are known for their seemingly effortless, somewhat understated style. Over the years, I’ve noticed that there are a few key elements to this style – skinny jeans, a quality t-shirt, a great jacket, a scarf (bien sûr) and flat shoes. Predominantly ballet flats. Yes, ballet flats – […]