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Investing in a coat

My Top Tips For Investing In A Coat

When it comes to looking stylish, there’s a lot to be said for a good coat. We’ve just spent most of October in France. And while the weather was quite warm when we first landed and during our time in the South, it has cooled down markedly now that we are heading for home. As […]

French shoes are worth the investment

Investing In French Shoes

On the back of last week’s investment dressing post, a girlfriend and I got talking about shoes, and whether or not they qualify as an investment piece. For me, the answer is simple. While I certainly consider an excellent pair of shoes an investment worth making, I can’t consider them an investment piece. Let me […]

Packing Tips Investment Piece Cross-body Bag

The Investment Piece

I’m always impressed when I hear the younger crowd at work talking about saving up for an investment piece.  When I was their age and in my mid twenties I didn’t even know what an investment piece was! (In my defence, I was somewhat occupied by a toddler and the mortgage at the time.) I […]