Three Reasons I Love Choosing An Outfit Every Morning

Choosing an outfit

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past five years, you’ll know that morning routines having been big news in recent times. It seems that people from all walks of life are embedding healthy habits of some description into the early part of their day – and that these practices set the scene for daily success.

It makes sense when you think about it. If you start your day right, chances are that things will continue to go well.

A little internet research reveals that common ingredients in a morning routine include meditation, exercise, lemon juice in warm water, journalling, yoga, green smoothies as well as all the normal stuff like eating breakfast, showering and brushing your teeth.

My own attempts at a morning routine have been a little sporadic over the years. I enjoy journalling and exercising, whereas I’m not sure I’ll ever learn to meditate. And while I’m more than happy to squeeze the juice of a lemon into a glass of water, the idea of creating a green smoothie first thing is completely beyond me.

While I can be a bit ambivalent about other steps in my own morning routine (I’m looking at you hair), there is one thing that I look forward to every single day. And that thing is choosing an outfit. I’ll never be one of those people who lays their clothes out the night before – for me that takes away some of the fun.

Three Reasons I Love Choosing An Outfit Every Morning

It Forces Me To Get Intentional About My Day

I know journalling is supposed to be great for setting intentions but getting dressed takes this practice from the page into practical action. As I’m getting ready for the day, I think about all the activities that I’ll be doing. Will I be in meetings or will I be writing? Lunching with friends or strategising with clients? Finalising admin or travelling for my day job?

Once I am clear on my activities, I then consider how I want to feel as I move through all the various phases of my day. Would I like to feel creative? Or carefree? What about elegant? Or perhaps powerful? The only feeling I actively avoid is comfortable – but that’s because I have negative associations with the word comfortable. (Except of course when it comes to shoes. My feet are very, very happy to wear comfortable, stylish shoes.) With clarity regarding my intentions and how I want to feel, I can then get on with selecting my outfit.

It Brings Creativity Into My Day Early

Like many women who merrily walked down the ‘young mother who works in corporate’ path, I spent years denying my creativity. I would tell anyone who happened to ask that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. It took my (very patient) coach a long, long time to convince me otherwise.

Like so many converts, I have now done a complete u-turn. My life is chock full of creativity, whether that be writing, cooking, photography or styling. And I have turned getting dressed into a creative opportunity. I’m very excited to think about the colours and shapes of the clothes I’m choosing. I get a kick out of finding the right mix of textures and fabrics. And I always leave enough time to play with accessories, so I can choose something that adds an extra dimension to my outfit and feels perfect to me. I believe this little shot of creativity sets me up to be more creative all day long – even when I’m working a 12 hour day in my corporate role.

It Allows Me To Channel My Inner French Girl – Or Alternative Sources Of Inspiration

Let’s face it. There are worse ways to start your day than feeling inspired. And with my intention set and my creativity flowing that’s a perfect time to look to sources of inspiration. For me, that’s  the whole chic French woman aesthetic – simply crafted, high quality, uniquely created pieces. However, you might look to a favourite celebrity (one of my mentors looks to J-Lo every day of the week), a political figure or a family member. Alternatively, you might be inspired by a movie, a time in history or a holiday. It doesn’t really matter what you look to for inspiration, but it can make a whole lot of difference to how you feel about getting dressed.

Do you love choosing an outfit every day? Or maybe you love a different element of a morning routine. Either way, I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time – au revoir.

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4 thoughts on “Three Reasons I Love Choosing An Outfit Every Morning

  • Claire

    I have a 20 piece seasonal capsule wardrobe and usually decide while in in the shower, what I’m going to wear today. I take into account where I’m going, usually to the office, if I’ll be doing anything out of the ordinary and what the weather is like.
    I then usually pick a piece that appeals to me today, it might be a patterned top in my favourite colour or a cardigan or scarf and then that becomes the start of my days outfit. It all then comes together from there.

    • Janelle Post author

      It sounds like you and I take similar approaches Claire. I’ve been inspired by your Insta posts on your capsule wardrobe – you’ve put together some really versatile pieces that look like they will work perfectly.

  • Alisa

    Janelle, I never thought of choosing my outfit in this way! I am NOT a morning person, or ‘matinale’ as the French would say. I do know that whatever I choose the night before will likely not be what I actually put on the next morning, but I have too often tried, because I know that I do not use my time well in the morning. But in the morning, I usually look at that outfit and it isn’t ‘me’ that day.
    I love your suggestion that choosing an outfit is in itself an achievement beyond simply becoming clothed. I understood that before at least subconsciously, but you really framed the issue in a powerful way that will make me even more mindful of my selections.

    • Janelle Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment Alisa – I’m glad you found the piece thought provoking. And I did smile when you mentioned the fact that you aren’t a morning person. I honestly don’t think that many of us – and in the past I’ve certainly been anything but. However, since thinking about choosing my outfit as a way to set me up for the day, I’ve actually been more efficient in the mornings because I actually look forward to selecting what I’m going to wear. Like you, I’ve never been able to guess how I’ll want to feel in the morning, from the vantage point of the night before.