For when France seems too far away. Shop for inspiring images of France and discover travel tips, packing advice, recipes, book reviews and more.
For when France seems too far away. Shop for inspiring images of France and discover travel tips, packing advice, recipes, book reviews and more.

Thirty Chic Days – A Book Review

Thirty Chic Days

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to discover so many fellow bloggers who are as fascinated as I am with the French lifestyle and the French woman’s sense of ‘joie de vivre’.

One of these is New Zealand’s Fiona Ferris. I became aware of Fiona’s work thanks to Tonya Leigh’s French Kiss Life site. For a while now, I’ve been keeping an eye on Fiona’s enticingly titled blog how to be chic for a while now and was excited to learn that she had released a brand new book.

I bought Thirty Chic Days last weekend and I’m excited to tell you that I absolutely devoured the content. If you are looking for tips – which come with a decidedly French twist – on how to upgrade your life, then you should consider checking out this new release.

Title: ’Thirty Chic Days. Practical inspiration for a beautiful life.’

Author: Fiona Ferris

Published: 2016, E-book, 226 pages.

What I Liked:

  • Fiona’s writing style. This book is so relatable and extremely easy to read.  I honestly felt like I was reading something a friend had written just for me. The chapters are just the right length and the use of headings and bullet points leaves you feel like you are skipping through the ideas rather than dragging yourself through text.
  • The ideas that Fiona suggests. If you’ve been following Distant Francophile for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m always looking for ways to bring French inspiration into every day life. And Fiona presents any number of new ideas or timely reminders. One of my favourites was Day 18, which is entitled ‘Little and often’ and prompts us all to remember that it is the little things we do regularly that allow us to live our best lives.
  • Bonus content. Not only was there a bonus day on top of the original 30, but Fiona also offers ’21 chic living reminders’ for book readers. I always appreciate that sort of generosity.
  • The fact that Thirty Chic Days is self-published. I love the fact that Fiona decided that she wanted to write and publish a book and went out and did it.

What I Wasn’t So Sure About:

  • Initially, some of the ideas seemed similar to those that are presented on other French inspired blogs. But Fiona has a nice way of fleshing out these ideas and adding real depth to them. In the end, I decided I liked the way she expanded on the ideas and bought her own flavour to them.

Have you read Thirty Chic Days? What did you think of it? I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Until next time – au revoir.


Please note: This is an unsolicited post and no compensation of any kind has been received from Fiona Ferris, associated publishers or distributors.

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