Finding French Inspiration – In July

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Well, July is here. And to be perfectly honest, I’m struggling to believe it. I’m amazed at just how quickly the first half of the year has flown.

But despite the fact that I keep shaking my head at the calendar, I’ve come back from our holiday feeling super inspired. This has seen me busily redecorating parts of our home to make it feel more like some of the places we stayed in while we were away. And I’ve been cooking up a storm as I try to recreate our favourite French vacation dishes (emphasis here is on the word try).

As well as all of this, I’ve been looking around for some bits and pieces that might provide all of you with a little French inspiration throughout July.

Let’s start with those of you on the move this month. If you are lucky enough to be travelling to Paris this month, check out Paris Perfect for any number of summer events to add something special to your visit.

And before you leave home, you might want to check out Tonya Leigh’s 12 French Kiss Life Travel Rules. There are all sorts of tips in this article that could make your travel a lot easier.

July is looking like a great month for Melbourne based francophiles. First up, we have the return of the Melbourne Truffle Festival. There are heaps of different events on during the festival however the main event will be held over the weekend of July 11 and 12 at The Centre, Ivanhoe. Scott and I had a great time when we attended the festival last year and I’m hoping my work schedule will allow us to get there again this year. If we do get there, I’ll definitely be checking out the Art Deco venue as well as all the yummy truffles.

The following weekend, on the 18th and 19th of July, the Bastille Day French Festival is being held in the State Library precinct. Again, there are numerous events being held during the festival including lectures, film screenings and French food and wine tastings. Sounds like it is definitely worth a trip to the city if you happen to be free that weekend.

Finally this month, I discovered this article on Fenwick. While I am a little confused as to the title, it’s a good read for those keen to get a little more French chic into their everyday lives.

Wishing everyone an inspired July.

And until next time – au revoir.


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