Somewhere In France – A Perfect Sunday

Somewhere in France

I really adore what I do for a living but I have to tell you, the last couple of weeks at work have been fairly heavy going.

So over the weekend, I thought I’d take some of my own advice and put together a perfect French Sunday.

Things started lazily enough. We walked the dog and ate a leisurely breakfast. I wrote a few words before we dressed ourselves up and headed out for the day.

Lunch was the first stop on our itinerary and one of the best places to head to when you need a big dose of French magic is France-Soir. If you feel like a bistro classic you can’t go wrong at this Melbourne institution. With bentwood chairs, French staff and excellent food and wine, a table at France-Soir transports to France in no time at all!

Regularly rated Melbourne’s number one French restaurant, unfortunately France-Soir is on the other side of the city from us or else I think we’d be there all the time!

After an extremely satisfying meal of Steak-Frites, followed by Crêpes Suzette, we made our way to Melbourne University to take in a newly opened exhibition entitled Somewhere in France.

Showcasing the influence France and her culture had on Australian soldiers fighting on the Western Front during World War One, the tightly curated exhibition features a number of personal artefacts from the era. Items such as train tickets mingle with gas masks and satirical magazines and bring an incredibly human aspect to this part of history.

I’ve never thought of our soldiers having to learn French but that is exactly what so many of them did. It was also interesting to consider the items they brought home as souvenirs.

You’ll find the exhibition in Melbourne University’s Baillieu Library through until June this year. Entry is free.

After our little look back in time we headed home to light French candles and play modern French music, picking up Quiche Lorraine and mini lemon meringue tarts for dinner on the way (yes, French days require multiple desserts).

Needless to say, my French medicine did the trick and I’m back on track, ready for whatever the rest of the week throws at me.

Until next time – au revoir.


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6 thoughts on “Somewhere In France – A Perfect Sunday

  • Taste of France

    World War I was really terrible. Have you visited the Maginot Line, and Verdun? Ypres in Belgium also has a moving war museum.
    It’s such a good idea to take a “vacation” on the weekend, whether it involves physical travel or mental travel!

    • Janelle Post author

      No, we’ve only got as far as visiting Villers-Bretonneux, but we found it so incredibly moving. Scott and I would definitely like to explore more of that area in the future.

  • Jan Leishman

    Great idea! We often ‘French breakfast’ at home – but love our little French cafes in Ballarat – and the chance to speak French to the owners!
    My Dad fought on the Somme and in Belgium during World War One. His older brother is buried at Villers Bretonneux, so the Somewhere in France exhibition is on my list for when I’m next in Melbourne.