Packing For Paris In Autumn – And A Free Packing Guide

Suitcases in Paris

Autumn is my absolute favourite season.

The days are still deliciously warm, but the evenings are crisp and cool. The light is divine and the colours become all soft and golden as the trees prepare to shed their leaves. And I adore the flavours of autumn, as earthy mushrooms, pumpkins and fennel all come into season.

All of this makes autumn the perfect time to travel to Paris. Paris fires back up after the August hiatus. And the tourist crowds die down once the summer peak passes, leaving you more room to explore Paris at your own pace.

So what do I recommend packing in your luggage for an autumn visit to Paris?

  • Two pairs of jeans or one pair of jeans and a pair of classic black pants.
  • A skirt or perhaps a jersey dress, particularly if you are travelling early in the season
  • Tops or t-shirts that complement your jeans, pants and skirt. Pack neutrals for maximum ‘mix and matchability’.
  • A light cashmere jumper or two.
  • A tailored shirt.
  • A light blazer (that fits comfortably under your coat).
  • A dressy top for nights out.
  • Classic trench coat. There is nothing like a trench coat to pull an outfit together.
  • 2 scarves. 1 lightweight and 1 a little heavier. Scarves are a must in Paris, regardless of the season, but they come into their own in autumn.
  • Ballet flats or for a little more weather protection, ankle boots. Remember, Paris can be damp in autumn. Pack your heels if you think you will need them.
  • Spare handbag or tote.

To celebrate autumn being my favourite season, I’ve decided to share my essential packing list for women heading to Paris – and everywhere else in France for that matter – during autumn.

This printable PDF not only provides ideas on the clothes you’ll need to blend right in but covers off on everything else you’ll want to take with you – both in your packed luggage and in your carry-on.

And there’s even room for you to add your own essential items.

It’s perfect for ensuring you don’t forget to pack a thing.

For immediate access to your free guide to Packing For Paris In Autumn simply fill in your details in the form below.

I hope you find it super useful.

And until next time – au revoir.

A big thank you to Carla Coulson for the gorgeous photo – and for sourcing the fabulous vintage suitcases.

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