Packing For France – Which Luggage Is Best? Part Two

My favourite Dior bag

Last weekend, I shared one of my first luggage dilemmas. For the record, I’m still sorting myself out on that one.

But there is one bag I know I will definitely be packing for France when we next visit…no questions asked. That’s my small, cross body bag by Dior.

I bought this gorgeous little thing as a special gift for myself last year, and I just love it. And I was excited when I read here that small cross body bags are all the go in Paris at the moment!

However, I’ve also got to tell you though that I never thought I would ever be considering using such a small bag as a day bag. When we first starting travelling to France, I carried some of the biggest bags in history.

And I filled them to the brim. So much so, I would develop shoulder pain by the end of our trip.

Who knows why I thought I had to lug all that stuff around with me. Over the years though my bags have become progressively smaller. It is now to the point where I carry very little – such a turn around to our early trips.

All that’s in my travel handbag now is:

  • Cash and cards.
  • My passport.
  • An iPhone.
  • Tissues and travel wipes.
  • Lipstick.
  • An EpiPen because I have few allergies.
  • Keys.

That’s it.

Now I just have to work on travelling that light while I’m at home!

Until next time – au revoir.

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