Frenchify Your Friday – Number 13

Frenchify Your Friday with Distant Francophile

It’s Thursday night in Melbourne and I’ve been using my time productively…to day-dream about Paris, France and all things French.

To be more accurate, I’ve probably been remembering more than day-dreaming. I’ve been recalling the flavours, the scents, the light and most of all, the colours of France.

And in thinking about colour it occurred to me that, this week, my suggestion to Frenchify Your Friday has to be to wear black.

Black forms the foundation of every French wardrobe – whether you’re male or female.

Yes, you do see some colour here and there. Maybe in a scarf or perhaps in a handbag –  although that colour is likely to be another neutral…cream, beige, tan, grey or navy.

But mostly you see a lot of French people dressed in black.

And in the French context, black is never boring. 

To my mind it always looks classy, elegant and appropriate.

So why not tap into some of that class, elegance and appropriateness and Frenchify Your Friday by dressing in black this Friday?

Until next time – au revoir.



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I believe that everyone can bring French elegance and inspiration to their life, no matter where they happen to live in the world. They only need to learn a secret or two to be on their way. When you join the Distant Francophile community, you’ll have access to the secrets that allow you to bring the best of the French lifestyle into your everyday life. I’m talking about things like style advice, recipes and book reviews. And you’ll also receive regular doses of French inspiration, as well as travel and packing tips galore.

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2 thoughts on “Frenchify Your Friday – Number 13

  • Jan Leishman

    I think the Parisians throw off their black when they get to Provence! Saying that, black forms a lot of my Aussie wardrobe – I’m sure there is a colour called ‘Melbourne Black’ – just as there is ‘Parisian Black’!

    • Janelle Post author

      I’m tipping you are right about Parisians in Provence Jan – especially in summer! You are also right about black being worn everywhere in Melbourne – it’s an easy Frenchify Your Friday for Melbourne based Francophiles this week!