French Pharmacies – Everybody Loves Them



Ok, I’ve done my research. And I’ve learnt that if I truly want to blog about France, it is clear that I need to write a post about French pharmacies!

Let’s face it, everyone loves sharing their thoughts on French pharmacies. And that’s because there is a whole lot to love about them.

French pharmacies are easily identified by a green cross, and you can find that green cross all over France.  I’m always grateful for the time, date and temperature that so many pharmacies share. (For those of you still waiting for the right time to visit France, you find all this information just below that green cross.)

On top of how easy it is to identify a French pharmacy, it always fascinates me that they are located in the most amazing ‘old’ buildings. I am guessing that part of my fascination simply arises from the fact that you don’t find too many pharmacies in historic buildings in Australia. That said, if I am being perfectly honest, a young country like Australia just doesn’t have that many truly historic buildings to start with!

But the real fun lies inside a French pharmacy. Every time we visit France, I feel like I have to visit as many pharmacies as physically possible. My reasoning is that they are all slightly different and my perfect pharmacy bargain might only be one more green cross away. My ‘must have’ purchases include eye drops, French skin care products, French hair styling products and toothpaste (yes, toothpaste, I can’t tell you how much I love the flavour of French toothpaste).

I’d be keen to know of any other products I should be on the hunt for on our next visit!

Until next time – au revoir.

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3 thoughts on “French Pharmacies – Everybody Loves Them

  • Barbie Beaton

    We love French toothpaste too! My mom has a good pharmacie story. Her first time to France (she speaks no English) she needed a knee brace. The pharmacist, who was a sweet older man, took her to the back and sized her up with the perfect knee brace, all with minimal communication. She was overwhelmed by his good service. I love the attention to detail you find in France. Great blog!