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Want More Reasons To Visit Sancerre?

We’ve just spent a fabulous weekend in Sydney, staying with some close friends who moved up there a little while ago. We hadn’t caught up with them properly since we got back from last trip, so there were lots of stories to share. Unsurprisingly, one of those stories centred around our enrolment in an immersion […]

Read my favourite things to do in Sancerre

The Top Five Things To Do In Sancerre

Regular readers will know that Scott and I have been staying in the picturesque, medieval French village of Sancerre. Situated on the very edge of the Loire Valley, perched high on the top of a hill, Sancerre is about two hours from Paris by train. Our primary reason for visiting Sancerre was to enrol in […]

Learning to speak French? Try French immersion

Learning To Speak French – Part Two

It’s official! Immersion is the only way to learn French. Apologies that I haven’t given you an update sooner, but it’s been busy here in Sancerre, with lessons, cultural activities and homework (of all things). But we are absolutely loving it. Well, at least I am. Scott is loving bits of it – he’s never […]

Learning To Speak French

  I’m so excited to let you know that we are back in Paris. We’ve checked into one of our favourite Parisian hotels, on Rue de Rivoli. Rooms here have the most spectacular views of the Tuilerie gardens and we know from our time here last year that it a perfect hotel for one night’s […]