Episode 4 Of The Franco-Files – Graham Welch

Graham Welch The Franco-Files

If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to France, buying some property and perhaps starting a business, then you must listen to the latest episode of The Franco-Files.

Why? Because journalist, author, blogger and fabulous francophile Graham Welch is sharing his story of chasing that exact dream.

Together with his partner Damon, Graham moved from Britain to the French city of Lille in 2017. And in this episode of The Franco-Files, Graham gives us an insight into the couple’s journey towards owning a wine and cheese bar in France’s south-west.

Graham Welch also gives listeners his tips on travelling to and around France and he shares some excellent advice for all of my fellow French language learners. He even suggests a few French dishes to try – although I have to tell you, I had my nose screwed up at one point during that part of our discussion.

One of Graham’s favourite ways to bring France into everyday life is via French music. Graham loves European music, particularly if it is created by female artists.

I had so much fun recording this episode. I really hope you enjoy it too.

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And, until next time – au revoir.

Photo supplied by Graham Welch.

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