Episode Two Of The Franco-Files – Jo Karnaghan

Jo Karnaghan

Welcome to episode two of The Franco-Files. This time round, it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to the fabulous Jo Karnaghan. 

Jo is the very clever founder of frugal first class travel. Jo’s website has long been one of my go-to sites when it comes to travel planning. From packing tips to hotel and airline reviews, Jo Karnaghan always provides excellent advice. And due to the fact that she’s been a committed francophile since she was a teenager, a whole lot of Jo’s advice centres around France.

On top of frugal first class travel, Jo has also created the incredibly active France Travel Planning group on Facebook. This rapidly growing and vibrant community of francophiles and soon to be travellers is the perfect resource for anyone looking to visit France. If you’re planning a trip to France – whether it is your fifteenth or your first – I highly recommend you search it out. 

You can also follow Jo’s adventures on Instagram.

Like many of us, Jo names Paris as her favourite city on the planet. But in this episode, which was recorded over Skype and features the sounds of the Australian summer in the background, Jo also recommends that travellers visit parts of France outside the French capital. Spoiler alert – she was particularly keen on Lyon, which is a city Scott and I absolutely loved. During our chat, Jo also shared her advice for learning the French language, as well as some excellent tips for bringing France into everyday life.

I’m so grateful to Jo for sharing her wisdom with the Distant Francophile community.  You can listen to it below.


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Until next time – au revoir.


Photo supplied by Jo Karnaghan.

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