Frenchify Your Friday – Number 64

Learn about French wine

One of the things that Scott and I love about visiting France is being introduced to new wines. More through good luck than via specific design, our travels over the years have seen us experience the tastes of Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Rhone-Valley, Sancerre and Champagne. And we’re heading to Bordeaux next month.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that the French do wines very, very well. They have centuries of experience in creating elegant, food friendly wines. And excellent French wines are available at all price points.

So this Friday, why not try a French wine you’ve never had the opportunity to taste before. You could go for one of the well known names. Or perhaps be a bit more creative with a glass of Beaujolais or a Provençal rosé.

Maybe you’ll take the time to really investigate your new find. Swirl it around. Sip it. Smell it. See if you can pick up the terroir of the wine – perhaps you can taste the impact that the earth and the climate have had on the grapes.

Or maybe you’ll just choose to enjoy it!

Now, with that idea out there, I have to let you know that our Frenchify Your Friday series is taking a little break.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the evolution of Distant Francophile – which includes me moving to a higher quality posting schedule.

Please know that this doesn’t mean that Frenchify Your Friday is disappearing forever. No, no, not at all! Once I get this new posting rhythm sorted I’m sure our French Friday’s will feature on a semi-regular basis. But for now they will be going on a vacation so that I can create a new pattern, without being wedded to hitting publish every Thursday night.

All the best for a whole stack of fabulous Fridays.

Until next time – au revoir.

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3 thoughts on “Frenchify Your Friday – Number 64

  • Taste of France

    May I recommend some less-known regions that have great wines:
    Minervois is near Carcassonne. Mostly small, family wineries. Very good wine, especially the reds! And if you find a Minervois la Livinière, a sub-region of Minervois, you can buy it with your eyes closed. Absolutely delicious.
    Cabardès is right next to Minervois and is even tinier–I think it’s the smallest AOC of France. Again, mostly family wineries with high quality at low prices.
    Corbières is on the other side of Minervois. It’s bigger, with bigger producers, which makes it more likely to be exported.
    Fitou is on the coast, with very robust wines.
    A votre santé!

  • Nat

    I am very excited about your upcoming trip to France with you (you may have been there already). I am anxious to see your beatiful photos and hear about your visit.
    Take care and enjoy