Finding French Inspiration – In August

Anvers Paris

I’ve got to tell you, I’m pretty excited about the word August popping up on my calendar. You see, it means I can start saying that I’ll be back in France next month! It’s so exciting.

Of course, I’m blithely overlooking the truth of the matter – we don’t actually fly until the last week of September. But I don’t care – our next trip is starting to seem like it is just around the corner.

With that being the case, most of my internet time is currently being spent in planning and research mode. I’m starting to think about what I’ll be packing, which trains we should catch, where we should eat (in case bookings are required) – you know, all the usual stuff. And this trip, we have a few little quirky bits and pieces on our radar which are requiring a touch of thought.

But while my focus has been on our upcoming five week break, I’ve still managed to track down a few inspirational bits and pieces for all of you.


Paris is our usual starting point and this month is no different. August is often considered a less than ideal month to travel to Paris – primarily because the Parisians tend to head out of town for their vacations, leaving their city to the tourists. But there is still a lot of fun to be had in Paris during August, as this piece from Paris Perfect shows.  And as an aside, I loved an Instagram pic from MessyNessyChic last week which highlighted all the empty seats at Parisian cafés. Definitely one reason to visit Paris in August.

One thing I do miss while travelling is my regular yoga class. And that is why I was excited to come across this list of yoga studios in Paris. Whether I’m actually brave enough to attend a class is quite something else…but at least I know where to go if I do decide I’m brave enough.

On French Culture

One of my favourite things about the French is their approach to food. I love the fact that food is something to be enjoyed and savoured, rather than something to be feared or avoided. The team at The Stylist publish numerous articles on all things French, and this piece entitled 20 ways to eat like a French woman captured my attention.

Finally, Some Light Reading

Once upon a time I would read stacks of different blogs. Of course that was before I started writing one of my own. Now, due to time constraints, I’m only dedicated to only a handful. One of these is Save. Spend. Splurge. While this is not typically a French influenced blog, I do enjoy Sherry’s tips and every now and then she will post something with a definite French flavour like this piece on stylish Parisiennes.

Another blog I keep an eye is Hudson & Seine. Last week Laura posted a nice little shopping list of French inspired stationery. I’m a massive stationery fan and so I just had to share.

Wishing you a wonderful month, full of French fun.

And until next time – au revoir.

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I believe that everyone can bring French elegance and inspiration to their life, no matter where they happen to live in the world. They only need to learn a secret or two to be on their way. When you join the Distant Francophile community, you’ll have access to the secrets that allow you to bring the best of the French lifestyle into your everyday life. I’m talking about things like style advice, recipes and book reviews. And you’ll also receive regular doses of French inspiration, as well as travel and packing tips galore.

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9 thoughts on “Finding French Inspiration – In August

  • Taste of France

    You must go to a yoga class! You will love it! But beforehand, learn the vocabulary, like parts of the body. I was so confused by “mollet” (calf)! Anyway, you can just look around to see what to do. I adore taking classes in new places. You are doing something familiar in a completely unfamiliar place. Go for it!

  • Claire

    I love the excitement before a trip as much as the trip itself.
    We have just booked our Italy London trip and then out of the blue it occurred to me that Paris was but a short train ride away.
    Yes, A bit slow on the uptake there.
    So now I’ve told the family that while they find something to do I’ll be popping over to Paris for a day or two.
    Suddenly the holiday excitement has been raised a notch.

    • Janelle Post author

      Brilliant decision Claire!! The anticipation of Paris trip is the best sort of anticipation. I’ll be posting on that topic very soon! You are going to have the best time.

  • Judy MacMahon

    Haha Claire! That’s actually how my relationship with France began. I noticed each time I was in London for business I’d booked a weekend in Paris (as you do ;)) And then I twigged. Came home and booked myself into the Alliance Française for years of intensive Saturday morning classes. Just do it! is my philosophy… I’m with you.
    And yes Taste of France and Janelle I really love the three months before a trip. The excitement and anticipation is wonderful isn’t it?
    Lovely to chat. Thanks for the opportunity Janelle.

  • Kathryn Bechen

    Janelle, have a great time on your trip! Another of my favorite French websites/blogs is Have you ever stayed in one of their apartments? Gorgeous! Fab blog about all things Paris, too.