A Few More Lessons I’ve Learned From The French

Lessons I've learned from the French.

I absolutely adore the Distant Francophile community.

It is full of beautiful, caring francophiles who also happen to be both talented, amusing and clever!

Last week’s post – 20 Things I’ve Learned From The French – certainly got a conversation started between these amazing people.

So many others had their own ‘French lessons’ to share – and I could relate to every single one of them.

And it soon became very clear that I’d left a few important lessons off my original list.

Given this, tonight I thought I’d offer up a few more lessons from the French. Some of these are mine. Others have been suggested by Distant Francophile readers. But they are all too good not to share.

A Few More Lessons I’ve Learned From The French.

  1. Quality beats quantity. This applies to everything – from food, to clothing, every day of the week. (Can’t believe I missed this one first time around!)
  2. And pleasure is found in the aesthetics – and they are worth investing time into. I absolutely agree with Taste of France on this one.
  3. You don’t need expensive gym memberships if you incorporate as much walking as possible into your day.
  4. Champagne is appropriate for any occasion.
  5. And the lovely Jan from Victoria2Var reminded me that you can drink chilled Provencal rosé all year round if you time your trips to the South of France just right!
  6. Pastries make a perfectly acceptable breakfast.
  7. And a meal is not a meal without bread or mineral water.
  8. Fast trains are good trains.
  9. But slowing down to savour life is important.
  10. That we should work to live, rather than the other way around.

Finally, thanks to the brilliant Janice from The Vivienne Files for pointing out that hanging on to all these lessons is what makes it easier to return to your everyday life after a trip to France.

I agree Janice. I totally agree.

Until next time – au revoir



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One thought on “A Few More Lessons I’ve Learned From The French

  • Taste of France

    Yes to #1! So much better to buy the smallest ballotin of chocolates (with two, maybe 3 pralines) than to eat a bag of industrial candy bars. I just read a thing about bras, and was surprised at how many American women have. My French friends buy two per year–gorgeous ones–and get rid of two old ones. They keep them for three or four years, and so have a rotation of about 8. Quality, not quantity.