Frenchify Your Friday – Number 15

Eiffel Tower against a big blue sky

I’ve written before about the fact that half the fun of visiting France comes from the planning stage.

I can happily spend hours researching all the details – where to stay, what to eat, what to do, how to get around and what to buy all feature on my list of things to research. And all of that is just the starting point!

No matter whether I’m in serious ‘booking mode’ or just puddling around with a few ideas, I find I’m always left inspired by my French trip research.

So to Frenchify Your Friday this week, why not spend a little time planning your dream trip to France. Don’t worry if you are still a million miles from actually taking that trip, any work you do now is sure to come in handy down the track!

When I play this game I end up asking myself a whole stack of questions like:

  • Where I might fly into?
  • Which towns or villages I would visit?
  • How long I might stay?
  • How I would get around once I was there – do I need a car or can I take public transport or even walk?
  • What would I love to do while I was there?
  • What would I prefer to avoid?
  • Whether an apartment would be more appropriate than a hotel?
  • Where might I eat on the first night?
  • What shopping opportunities might be worth checking out?

And I can lose whole evenings trying to sort out the answers!

If you are looking for fresh ideas on places to visit in France – and you haven’t already joined the Distant Francophile community – make sure you fill in your details in the form below. You’ll not only receive regular French inspiration but you will immediately receive a free copy of our e-book Entrée. It’s a great little resource for anyone dreaming of a visit to France.

Once you’ve had a chance to Frenchify Your Friday with a little bit of trip planning and dreaming, I’d love for you to share your dream with your fellow francophiles via the comments section beneath this post – imagine the fantastic trip we could come up with between all of us!

Wishing everyone a fabulous Friday.

And, until next time – au revoir.




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