Frenchify Your Friday – Number Six

French books, flowers and Chandon

No matter where you are in the world at the moment, it is great time to be reading a book.

If you are down our way in the southern hemisphere, it’s winter – a perfect time to curl up in your favourite chair with a great book (and maybe a blanket or two).

And of course, that means it’s summer in the northern hemisphere – and who doesn’t enjoy whiling away the hours with a book and a cool drink on warm summer’s evening. We certainly saw a lot of people doing just that while we were in France and Spain a couple of weeks ago.

So this week, why not Frenchify Your Friday night and choose to flick through a book about something French?

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of large format books full of photos and have a number of favourites – many of which were listed here.

I also like reading about French lifestyles and I adore a good biography. It won’t surprise anyone that I love reading anything about Chanel. And I’m currently reading about Picasso, the Spaniard who spent so much of his life in France (no prizes for guessing where the inspiration to read that one came from).

Do you have any favourite books about France that others should check out? If so, please share your tips in the comments below.

And until next time – au revoir.


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6 thoughts on “Frenchify Your Friday – Number Six

  • Kylie Bruce

    I have just finished reading a book called ‘Almost French, A new life in Paris’ by
    Sarah Turnbull. I’ve had this book for awhile but have got around to reading it now.
    Sarah is an Australian woman who meets her French partner while travelling and moves to Paris to be with him. She certainly struggles at first but it’s a really interesting look at someone trying and succeeding at fitting into a different country and culture.

    • Janelle Post author

      Great tip Kylie. I read ‘Almost French’ a little while back and really enjoyed it. If your interested, Sarah Turnbull wrote a follow up memoir that I haven’t read yet…Apparently it still has a French flavour but covers the time she and her husband spent in Tahiti.

  • Tonja

    I’ve recently read The Paris Apartment and Paris Time Capsule – fictionalized stories about the apartment that was discovered that hadn’t been opened for decades. It was fun to imagine what the real story is.

    • Janelle Post author

      Ooh – there are two I haven’t read yet. Thank you so much for the tip Tonja. When work settles down, I’ll definitely be looking at those two.