My Top 10 People Watching Spots In Paris

Marché Anvers is one of my top 10 people watching spots in Paris. Check out the other nine at

People watching is almost an official pass time in Paris. Parisians are happy not only to watch, but also to be watched.

Following on from our recent people watching practice session, I thought I would share my top 10 people watching spots in Paris.

  1. Les Jardins du Palais Royal. Easily my favourite place to watch people by far. I’ve seen photo shoots, watched entertaining games of Pétanque and countless dogs being walked by their rather stylish owners.
  2. La Grande Épicerie de Paris. I love watching both the shoppers and the team preparing the food – and have spent hours in the place.
  3. For similar reasons to number two, it’s great to people watch in the Parisian markets. One of my favourites is the afternoon market at Anvers with the stunning Sacré-Cœur in the background.
  4. Angelina, Rue de Rivoli, Paris.  It’s all about the staff from me at Angelina, and the historic decor provides the perfect backdrop.
  5. Taillevent. Every time we’ve been, I’ve been entertained by Parisian business men or older Parisian couples enjoying this classy restaurant. We go at lunch time when they have an excellent lunch special to accompany the show.
  6. Gare de Lyon. Grab a table in a café or bar and watch the passing parade of travellers, both French and International.
  7. Jardin du Luxembourg. Go to watch the children sail the gorgeous boats on the pond and the Parisians soak up the sunshine.
  8. Le BHV Marais. I love heading downstairs to the hardware section to see what the Parisians are buying for their apartments. I’m sure you can find just about anything in this place!
  9. Avenue Montaigne. For elegant people watching. I’m also happy to ‘building watch’ here too, not to mention window shop.
  10. Just about any café on Rue Saint-Honoré. Ok, not as specific I know but there are so many cafés to choose from and you are guaranteed to see stylish locals and visitors no matter where you settle in.

Do you have a favourite people watching spot in Paris? If so please share in the comments below – I might be able to check it out in a couple of weeks!

Until next time – au revoir.



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