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Marché Anvers is one of my top 10 people watching spots in Paris. Check out the other nine at

I simply adore French markets. Whether I’m in Paris, or a long way off the beaten track, checking out the local market is an absolute must for me.

The first French market we ever experienced was at Anvers in Paris. The apartment we were staying in overlooked the market square and we were fascinated as we watched the market being set up on the Thursday evening. We were even more enthralled the next day when we actually visited the market. Fruit, vegetables, cheese, seafood, chickens, salted caramel, bread – if you can name it, I’m quite sure you would have found it in the Anvers market.

Since that initial experience we’ve visited more French markets than I can remember. I just love the freshness of the produce and the chance to speak with the sellers about the provenance of the food.

I’m also a fan of the fact that the stall holders take so much care in selecting or preparing your food.

On an earlier trip to France, we visited the weekly market in Saint-Satur. This visit was actually a ‘mission’ which formed part of our tuition at French language school. Despite our fledgling French, each stall holder patiently talked us through our various choices and ensured that our purchases not only met our needs, but were of the highest quality.

So to Frenchify Your Friday this week, I’m suggesting you avoid the supermarket and – if possible – pick up your supplies at a market.

If you are like us and live in a bit of a ‘market free zone’ (at least on a week day) perhaps avoiding the supermarket and shopping at the local green grocer, butcher or deli will work for you.

Take some time to select your favourites. Talk to the staff and enjoy the whole shopping experience.

To really get a French feel, take a basket or fabric shopping bag, just like the French market goers do!

All the best for a fabulous French-style Friday.

And until next time – au revoir.

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