Frenchify Your Friday – Number 20



It pays to look up

I’m going to stick with this week’s photography theme in recommending a way to Frenchify Your Friday this week.

When it came to learning how to compose shots, it took me a little while to work out what worked and what didn’t.

Actually, it took me more than a little while to work out what worked and what didn’t.

One of the things that really enhanced my learning was to let myself be inspired by the photographs taken by other travellers. Initially I went down a very traditional path – I collected coffee table books which were jammed packed with photos and I spent hours studying the gorgeous shots captured on the pages.

While I can happily tell you that I have an amazing collection of coffee table books lining my bookshelves (note to self – buy a coffee table), I also have to tell that I’ve moved to Instagram for my photographic inspiration fix.

If you haven’t been introduced to Instagram and you want to improve your travel photography, I really recommend you check it out. It is free and very easy to establish an account. You don’t have to share anything if you don’t want to – you can just follow others and be inspired.

If you are already a fan of Instagram, you are probably aware that there are stacks of accounts dedicated to sharing gorgeous photos of both Paris and France. Some of these accounts have tens of thousands of followers but tonight I thought I’d share three of my favourite ‘smaller’ accounts – all with photographers who really know how to compose a fabulous shot –  with you:

  1. _eliz_1 This account features some stunning photos of Paris – mostly in black and white.
  2. gencivedetruie I think I have liked every photo ever posted on this account – simply lovely photos.
  3. geeparee22 This account captures the very best of those little French details.

So to Frenchify Your Friday this week, why not welcome a little French photographic inspiration into your world via Instagram. You’ll not only have the opportunity to bring a little bit of France into your everyday life but I promise it will help to improve your travel photos too.

Until next time – au revoir.

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