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A little while ago, I was attracted, somewhat unsurprisingly, to a blog post on The Simply Luxurious Life titled ’10 Ways to Unearth Your Inner Francophile’. In the post, Shannon lists a variety of ways that you might be able to bring a little bit of the French way of living into your everyday life.

Of the ten, the one that really resonated for me was the seventh – Let Go of the Pursuit of Perfection.

Too often I see people not try something ‘because the outcome won’t be perfect’. Or work themselves to the point of exhaustion in attempting to be perfect. Or not enjoying an amazing experience due to the fact that some small detail wasn’t perfect. And, if I am being truly honest, I have been guilty of all the above in the past.

So, in an attempt to bring more ‘Frenchness’ (I know, I know, Frenchness is not a real word) into my life, I’m letting go of the pursuit of perfection (hence the use of the word Frenchness) and I will encourage others around me to do something similar.  I’m thinking that we all miss out on way too much fun when we are trying to ensure everything is just perfect.

Having said all that, France is still the epitome of perfection for me. I am not entirely sure that I’ve ever seen a French native in France looking anything less than perfect, eaten food in France that I didn’t consider perfect or taken in view that wasn’t perfect in my mind. (And yes, I also know that I experience everything in France while wearing rose coloured glasses).

Until next time – au revoir.


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